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  1. aMiner V3 crashed and logged out next to the upper level ladder. Sack was around ~112, with two ores in inventory, so I don't think it was banking. [18:16:00] Downloading script 'aMiner v2'. [18:16:02] Script Started: aMiner v2. [18:16:08] Latest updates: [3_1] [18:16:08] - Small improvement to anticipation logic [18:16:08] - Framework for normal mining [18:16:08] - Fixed an issue with deposit all settings [18:17:27] distance debug: 11 [18:17:27] Disabled all randoms. [18:17:27] Enabled random solver: SKILLXPITEM. [18:17:27] Current pickaxe is Runite pickaxe [18:50:58] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException [18:50:58] at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextNode(HashMap.java:1445) [18:50:58] at java.util.HashMap$EntryIterator.next(HashMap.java:1479) [18:50:58] at java.util.HashMap$EntryIterator.next(HashMap.java:1477) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner3.motherlode.r.F(Veins.java:359) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner3.motherlode.r.F(Veins.java:346) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner3.motherlode.r.a(Veins.java:275) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner3.motherlode.r.F(Veins.java:113) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner3.motherlode.i.F(Motherlode.java:394) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner3.motherlode.i.a(Motherlode.java:158) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner3.motherlode.i.M(Motherlode.java:132) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner3.la.F(Beta.java:111) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner3.la.F(Beta.java:99) [18:50:58] at scripts.miner2.Main.run(Main.java:198) [18:50:58] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [18:51:01] Script Ended: aMiner v2.
  2. Tesfaye

    nRogues Den

    Great script, ran into zero issues.
  3. This really is an excellent script, I've already maxed out several accounts with it.
  4. Could you add support for the Rimmington POH notice board, so instead of needing to enter an RSN it'll pick the first house in that list?
  5. For some reason the restocker kept looping purchasing 28 Zul-andra teleports and 697 adamant darts over and over again until I ran out of money. [17:23:58] Double checking bank. Failsafe to ensure this is true: [Item Zul-andra teleport (12938) not found] [17:24:11] TRANSITIONING TO RESTOCKING [17:24:11] REASON FOR RESTOCK: Out of Zul-andra teleport (12938) [17:24:11] Succesfully loaded resource tracker data to compute supply count! [17:25:03] Selling only as much loot as we need to for supplies! Total wealth: 7019297gp [17:31:46] Too broke for (Zul-andra teleport x 28), but trying closer to absolute minimum quantity.... gp on player: 254830, in bank: 0 [17:32:17] Too broke for (Zul-andra teleport x 15), but trying closer to absolute minimum quantity.... gp on player: 37330, in bank: 0 [17:32:19] Too broke for (Zul-andra teleport x 9), but trying closer to absolute minimum quantity.... gp on player: 37330, in bank: 0 [17:32:22] Too broke. Item: Zul-andra teleport, cost: 92322, our gp: 37330, curr amt: 0, qty to buy: 6, min allowable qty: 6, absolute min allowable qty: 6 [17:32:22] Need 28 x Zul-andra teleport = 401296 * 1.1 = 441425.60000000003gp [17:32:22] Missing 404095gp [17:32:23] FINISH MSG: Unable to restock: out of coins. Need: ~404095gp [17:32:24] Thank you for using Zulrah Slayer v2.76 by Worthy [17:32:24] Wrote session file to C:\Users\X\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\Worthy Zulrah Slayer 2.0\Sessions [17:32:28] Script Ended: |w| Zulrah Slayer V2.
  6. @Worthy do you think you could add rank to the dynamic signature?
  7. @Usa Could you update the script to use the "all" single click function in the bank instead of right clicking and selecting withdraw/deposit all?
  8. Augury and Rigour are supported, and I think Worthy recommended a mouse speed around 200. I use 197 with a 4-way range switch personally.
  9. I've been using Waterfox for weeks. Working fine for me.
  10. I've basically botted everything on my 2.1k total main including 5k+ Zulrah KC. Just gotta bot smart
  11. Using WaterFox instead of RuneLite yes
  12. Trilez hasn't commented, and the fact that there's no "LG down" banner suggests there's no imminent fix. The responses you quoted are not confidence inspiring either.
  13. Honestly the fact that no one has officially commented probably means things aren't looking good for LG.
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