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  1. Quester needed

    Hi, I will send you a request on Skype!
  2. Computer build help!

    @bloods - Thank you for your help! Going to leave this thread open incase others have other builds for me to look at, however you have been extremely kind for dedicating your time to this thread. ~Lewis.
  3. Computer build help!

    Thanks for this, but is it possible you could do a build around the AMD x4 860k or the FX6300. Thank you once again, and if you don't want to do the one I said above, don't worry as you have already greatly helped me and I truly appreciate it! @bloods
  4. Computer build help!

    If you put infront of the URL "uk." it brings up the UK prices, which totals £600. @bloods @ITryNotToTroll
  5. Computer build help!

    @bloods - That is way out of my price range as it's £600, is it possible you could use CCL as that's a UK site and my budget is £400. However I appreciate the quick reply and I thank you for posting it so quickly!
  6. Computer build help!

    Any to be honest with you, however AMD is preferred.
  7. Computer build help!

    The type of games I'm wanting to run are games like CS GO, Minecraft on the highest settings, Advanced Warfare basically just most FPS games however I know full well I wont be able to run them all in 60 fps ultra but I hope I can run a lot of them in recommended to min also RS3 in maximum settings. Thanks.
  8. Computer build help!

    Hello TRiBot, I am in need of some help on building my new gaming pc, this isn't going to be running bots as I have 2 laptops for that, my budget is £400 (pounds not dollars) and I would like it from CCLonline as I live a few minutes away so I can go pick it up! (If you make a build on CCL feel free to put it into a pcpartpicker so it's easier to view!) Thank you ~Lewis.
  9. Hey there

    Welcome back to TRiBot! I hope you enjoy your stay. If you need any help feel free to PM me or add me on Skype! @LightifyLife ~Lewis.
  10. Purchased VIP no Downloads

    I have no idea why I do it, It's just a habbit I have come across. ~Lewis.
  11. Purchased VIP no Downloads

    The premium scripts you have to pay for, you have to pay for regardless of VIP or not, with VIP it lets you run unlimited free scripts which are created by scripters here on TRiBot. ~Lewis.
  12. credits

    Try adding the card to your PayPal account then link your TRiBot to your PayPal account, note - You can only have one PayPal account per TRiBot account. ~Lewis.
  13. Not many scripters make RS3 scripts, you're better off contacting them personally to ask rather than posting a thread about it, you will most likely have better luck doing that! ~Lewis.
  14. credits.....

    Has the payment gone from your PayPal? It can take a few minutes for it to go and then a few minutes for the credits to appear, patience is key my friend. Good luck though. ~Lewis.
  15. Credit Purchase

    Have you ever purchased credits before? If you try to use a different card on the same account it comes up as fraudulent.