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  1. LewisXD

    Purchased VIP no Downloads

    I have no idea why I do it, It's just a habbit I have come across. ~Lewis.
  2. LewisXD

    Purchased VIP no Downloads

    The premium scripts you have to pay for, you have to pay for regardless of VIP or not, with VIP it lets you run unlimited free scripts which are created by scripters here on TRiBot. ~Lewis.
  3. Not many scripters make RS3 scripts, you're better off contacting them personally to ask rather than posting a thread about it, you will most likely have better luck doing that! ~Lewis.
  4. LewisXD


    Has the payment gone from your PayPal? It can take a few minutes for it to go and then a few minutes for the credits to appear, patience is key my friend. Good luck though. ~Lewis.
  5. LewisXD

    Credit Purchase Issues

    You should of clicked on this - And then followed the instructions on screen as this would of made purchasing credits with PayPal possible, however since you have done this, I don't think they will transfer them from his account to yours because for all we know he could be a customer and you want to sell all of them to him, I'm not accusing you of anything just a possible outcome that could of occured.
  6. LewisXD

    Question about Walking.walkPath

    Does it cause it to walk somewhere else or?
  7. Works on my phone fairly well, thanks buddy, I can do this in between classes and free periods
  8. LewisXD

    Suggested Break Times

    Gonna be funny seeing alot of bots using the same one as this and all logging out at the same time, would be quite funny
  9. LewisXD

    Some questions before I buy VIP

    Rs3 ban rates are high, I would stick to old school as bans are still 'common' but aren't as common as rs3.
  10. Your Ip is probably flagged, change your ip, then make a new account on the new ip
  11. LewisXD

    how to make the bot take a break or log out

    Here is a very good guide on it GL
  12. LewisXD

    best combot script for pures ?

    TriExperiments is a very good script, I've used it alot and rarely ever get banned, got 45-85 strength this weekend 0 bans.