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  1. Is it just me or is everyone having a problem with the DH Absorbs? I just bought this script for the DH training, and when i try to run it a message pops up saying "to change my settings to NORMAL and PRAYER flick", that "nothing has changed" I do that, then my character goes into dream with empty inventory and just attacks until it dies, then it just repeats all over again.
  2. Messaged USA about a minor issue in the Rellekka agility rooftop course and within 15 minutes he contacted me and corrected the issue right there. He definitely knows what he's doing and his customer service is outstanding! Great job man, keep scripting!
  3. hey man, my pest control won't work. run and and it says "no more items left to buy" if i click on a wanted item it just goes to void knight and tries to buy it with 0 points and turns off again.
  4. i want a refund. The bot doesn't even get on the boat. I click settings i want and it just says "NO more items left to buy" and turns off.
  5. hey op, i really love this script and it's been flawless to me. But, at 70+ agility on pollnivieach (or whatever) i leave and somehow i come back to random places with all my stuff noted. First: port sarim Second: al kharid Third: wizard's tower. I don't know if it's the randoms or not, but it never happened until i did pollnivieach.
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