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  1. @EvesyI have been having some issues with banking the completed bars.Sometimes it gets stuck trying to use the choclate dust on bank by accident.
  2. ToHoCo

    Introduction to Java

    Can i ask java help in this thread
  3. What happens now? he has been on tribot since he was called out and has not made any case for defense. Something tells me he is still actively using this account to scam people and really should be stopped before he can get anyone else
  4. yeah I coulda sworn he was in a botting discord I'm in....that on top of his rep made me go through with it
  5. np there was like 11 in total lol
  6. can i ask what happens from this point on?
  7. not sure if i need to post proof on paypal that I haven't received anything or if anyone other than admins can read this
  8. Scammer's Username: gabrielbilodeau1 Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/268611-gabrielbilodeau1/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Discord/Tribot PM Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Karthûs Describe in detail in your words what happened: In a botting group on discord. This user came to me and offered to buy some gp at 1$/m. I asked if he had any reputation on any sites and he said yes, tribot. He had a 43 positive feedback score, seemed to be pretty active/helpful in his posts and his account was created back in 2015. His reputation is greater than mine so I went first. After he received the money he said it would take 15 mins for him to get me the money. I waited well over an hour and have sense been banned from talking to him on discord DM's. Other:https://imgur.com/a/VmFkQ
  9. thanks, maybe now is the time i learn to do something for myself
  10. I found a scripter on dreambot to make a certain private script for me super cheap...However I have found that I only use dreambot for this private script and am curious if it is difficult to make it work for tribot
  11. i assumed it was something with todays update sorry I will check there
  12. My accounts that normally die once an hour have been dying a lot now and when they go to collect from the priestess it gets stuck. The status says that it thinks its still fighting zulrah
  13. ToHoCo

    Computer Broke AF

    fixed it by disabling windows search
  14. ToHoCo

    Computer Broke AF

    is this a real thing damn you messing with me when im vunerable
  15. ToHoCo

    Computer Broke AF

    about buying him one this one was one of those prebuilt sub 500$ computers from newegg. Its maybe a year old
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