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  1. Can you add karamja banking please? or if not, maybe so it sells the lobsters at the general store for some money and a lot quicker? Thanks
  2. Might make another account and try again, just fish enough so i have enough money to be able to buy equipment and armour to help my skills, rather than just making money for the sake of it.
  3. I know it was never safe in the first place, but it felt a lot safer than it does now.. fresh account, after 14 days it was banned, i botted a reasonable time nothing silly, played the game when i could, traded and made my acc look less like a bot, tried to log in and my account was disabled. I really want to make another acc, because i enjoy the rs community, however i'm i don't really want to put months into a account, i don't really have that sort of time anymore like i did 8 years ago. Just feel like jagex has seriously clamped down on bots, maybe its not that safe to bot these days. what are your guys opinions?
  4. my bot got banned today, didn't put too much work into it but its still really annoying, i like to play the game but i like to bot the boring skills, not sure whether to make a new account and risk it again or just quit.
  5. Last location before getting banned?: Catherby Skill botted?: Fishing Breaks or no? No If so how long?: N/A How long did you bot per day?:2-5 hours max Banned before?:no Type of ban?:Bot Busting Major VPS/VPN/Proxy?: No, no, no. Scripts Used? AutoAIOFisher Other Bots Used?:no How many bots at a time were being run?:1 Date banned?: nov 7,2014 Fresh account/Days acc used?: 15 days
  6. fishing sharks at catherby and every now and then keeps getting stuck east catherby right next to farm patch and then just logs out.... possible bug can you look into please? happened on numerous occasions now.
  7. Confirming sale, Adam_TB_GBAS, 8 credits for 3.3M [5:51:58 PM] Alex Wall: hi mate you selling credits? [5:52:04 PM] Alex Wall: Hi Adam, I'd like to add you as a contact. Alex Wall [5:52:16 PM] *** Adam has shared contact details with Alex Wall. *** [5:52:30 PM] Adam: Yes, I am. How many would you like to buy? [5:52:44 PM] Alex Wall: im looking for 8 at 400k 07 if thats okay? [5:52:51 PM] Adam: can yo do 420k? [5:53:24 PM] Alex Wall: yeah i should be able to i believe, or something very ne...

  8. Great proggies guys, they're awesome, But i think if you start botting 24hr+ you have a much higher chance of being banned, surely jagex could look at what accounts are logged in for long periods, (whos plays legit for 48hr+?)
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