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  1. Script is awesome! The only problem is that when withdrawing money from the bank it doesn't withdraw anything; it just repetitively attempts to withdraw coins without actually taking any out.
  2. Hey! Sorry for the late reply...I believe I was having it randomize between defending and portal
  3. Working like a charm Only thing I do not reccomend running right now is "closing gates"...it's VERY sluggish. Aside from that everything else runs smooth as can be! Keep up the good work! -Epic
  4. Well, thanks for letting us know!
  5. I really have to crank up the mouse speed to ~250 in order to get anywhere near normal xp rates, is this normal? Also does this bot hop worlds? For Example, I implement the client to take a break for x amount of time and by the time I get back my world has been taken by another player/bot...will it find a free world?
  6. Thanks for the fix mate, I'll test it in a few! Yeah, I can see how it would be annoying, but it was just a thought. Some script had it years ago so it was just something I threw out there
  7. The bot seems to take an unusual path when banking ess at varrock. Rather than taking the normal path back, which is the same as going to the mine (orange), it takes the yellow which is drastically different from the rest of the players mining. Looks odd and bot like in mho. If you could have it walk the regular path that would be splendid! -Thanks for the script P.S. Do you plan on implementing runecrafting pouches? This could dramatically increase the amount of ess per load! The small pouch alone (no fixing required) allows for 30 pure/regular rune essence a load. Just throwing that out there.
  8. I Realize this is your first script, and I am very grateful for you sharing it Here is what I have found my friend: Bug #1: Fails to use the rope on the branch. Sits there clicking randomly up in the sky/ground no where near the branch itself. Bug #2: Sometimes mistakes the berry to the north with an Ogre, thus attacking the Ogre, skipping the berry and continuing to pick berries. Very bot-like! Suggestion: I believe this may help the script, but an equipped ring of dueling seems like something that would make this script slightly better! Would allow for an extra berry per trip and that can add up! No big deal..Just the average player wears the ring. Keeping it in the inventory may seem a tad odd. ~Cheers!
  9. Added you on skype, looking forward to speaking with you! Edit: VERY VERY VERY Helpful!! Thank you for all the information you provided.
  10. Wow looks great! I may just have to invest in this
  11. Thanks for posting this! Just what I needed to hear!
  12. I haven't on this account, so I think I'll go for whip then. Thanks! 1 hour proggie dds Thanks for an awesome script! This was before I'd set up the prices for phats so they aren't included in the calc!
  13. I am using an account with 60/75/1 would it be worth going for 70 atk for whip?
  14. Just messaged you! Need help knowing how to set up this script