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  1. So we know all clients are detectable as stated by jagex recently. Does everyone just use lg now? havent seen any posts about this.
  2. Wasnt sure if there was or not how long are your guys accounts ;lasting?
  3. ok i got one. to use it without LG do i just have to add the proxy then open the client with this proxy selected?
  4. so are you saying you bot straight off tut island?
  5. How long do you guys age an account before botting on it? i used to do a week is that still sufficient?
  6. I have been botting for a while now but my account get banned to fast so i have decided to give proxies a go. I was told virmach.com proxies were good but they are $5 each for a private proxy is this a normal price? Also i am located in New Zealand will this matter seeing as most proxies are in the u.s? Thanks guys.
  7. So i have downloaded tribot and it wont open on windows 10 i have downloaded and installed jdk and jre and have set jar files to open with javaw and it still doesnt work? can anyone help me with this? thanks guys.
  8. Is there a free version I can try?
  9. Are there any combat scripts that when using range will pick up and re equip arrows after you fire them? I'm using bronze arrows if it matters but can change arrows if it helps. Thanks.
  10. Is there any combat script that uses range and can pick up arrows and re-equip them? I'm using bronze arrows if that makes a difference. If I need to use different arrows for this to work that's fine. If someone could tell me one that does this I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. Since when did you have to have a verified paypal to buy credits? is there a way to get around this?
  12. Wanting to bjuy 6 credits with paypal. just reply to this thread or message me on here. I dont have skype.
  13. Hey, im aware I cannot sell accounts on this site as its against the rules but im just wondering wheres the best place to sell them. I have 5 accounts i want to sell with the mining levels 98,91,88,86 and 78 all never been banned or muted no recoveries ever set. And anyone know how much I might be able to expect from selling these? Cheers.
  14. You can get team viewer and be able to watch your bots and restart them from your phone