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  1. when i start script it teles to first location, and spams this in client debug: [15:27:48] 1Dragon boots[15:27:51] On Task[15:27:51] Drinking potion[15:27:52] Drinking potion[15:27:53] Drinking potion[15:27:53] Drinking potion[15:27:54] Drinking potion[15:27:54] Drinking potion[15:27:55] Drinking potion[15:27:55] Drinking potion[15:27:56] Drinking potion[15:27:57] Script Ended: Auto Slayer AIO. Not sure why its trying to drink potion when it hasnt even arrived to the monster.
  2. so basically dont bot high ban rate areas and youll be okay. obviously new accounts that spend 6+ hours doing one thing for gp gain is gonna be flagged
  3. I ran 2 bots walking leathers in al kharid- both banned first time; and it was perm. Also lost a few other bots the same night, I'm presuming Jagex targeted the shit I was doing specifically that night.. lost quite a bit in bonds
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