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  1. Why doenst it drink potions? edit: Script is broken on every location, doesn't renew aggresion anywhere just gets stuck in a loop. It's slow when you don't afk in a spot. Doesn't drink potions most of the time and when it does it gets stuck in dropping a vial. I'd like a refund.
  2. They are all very outdated, I'd rather take my chances with a working one
  3. Request: private range guild script, that doesnt have to click on the x every shot and uses the keyboard to go through chat dialoge.Description: see requestPayment Amount: negotiable, depends on the time it takes to complete. shouldnt be to hard.Time: AsapAdditional: Any additional comments.
  4. Woops wrong subforum /close please
  5. Oh my bad, retarded function in the client then, nobody types W00T level ...
  6. Why the fuck does it say shit in the chatbox when you lvl... Can I turn this off?
  7. bot frequently uses multiple teletabs, went through 700 in one day
  8. Script currently crashes when withdrawing pure ess for me. worked fine yesterday EDIT: Was my own fault, works fine now
  9. script worked 1 week for me no bugs at all , today i want to start it and everytime i run it , it starts with dropping all my traps even when in the not drop list i mention box traps. redownloaded / restarted client several times etc. still not working
  10. This script has "bot" written all over it. Same route everytime, no anti-ban either. It would be okay if it was a free bot but for a premium bot, hell no
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