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  1. Hey, my bank pin starts with a 0, for example: when I add 0123 in the account manager it becomes 123, it basically removes the first number if it's a zero. Does anyone know how to solve it?
  2. I HAVE STAMINA pots (4) in my bank and when I click use energy potions the bot does not take them out.
  3. Just bought and it doesn't use stamina pots as you mentioned. And it doesn't click enter wilderness at the wilderness warning in the gate. Fix it or I want a refund.
  4. Does it prayer flick protect melee for pures? I would like that since Ive got a new account
  5. streaming at twitch
  6. Hey there, does any admin here have access to source codes on the repository? My laptop crashed a week ago and I lost my source codes.. Any way to retrieve them?
  7. It does support italy rock, you just have to get your lazy ass over there before u start the script
  8. Will have my laptop back today, will see if I can update scripts.
  9. Got it, I selected the wrong java
  10. What is wrong?
  11. Add my skype: Remco.Bravenboer When I have my laptop back I will edit it if you remind me.