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  1. Hey, my bank pin starts with a 0, for example: when I add 0123 in the account manager it becomes 123, it basically removes the first number if it's a zero. Does anyone know how to solve it?
  2. Screenshot your settings and bank setup please
  3. I HAVE STAMINA pots (4) in my bank and when I click use energy potions the bot does not take them out.
  4. Just bought and it doesn't use stamina pots as you mentioned. And it doesn't click enter wilderness at the wilderness warning in the gate. Fix it or I want a refund.
  5. Does it prayer flick protect melee for pures? I would like that since Ive got a new account
  6. t0p4zm4ch3t3

    Exploding Rocks

    Hey everyone, does anyone here know the Exploding Rock ID's for mining? Where if you keep mining your pickaxe explodes.
  7. t0p4zm4ch3t3

    Antiban update

    Nice idea!
  8. I have made around 5 threads in the last day containing questions about scripting. Could someone plase add me on skype to answer my questions if necessary? My skype is: Remco.Bravenboer Thanks in advance!
  9. t0p4zm4ch3t3

    How do I select a spell?

    Are you talking to me? If so, t's the first time I am using Java, how could I know I had to write Magic. infront of it.
  10. t0p4zm4ch3t3

    How do I select a spell?

    Thanks man, could you maybe add me on skype? My skype: Remco.Bravenboer
  11. t0p4zm4ch3t3

    How do I select a spell?

    I am trying to use the Magic API for about an hour now but I can't figure it out. Could someone post a small code that selects the curse spell for me?
  12. t0p4zm4ch3t3

    [I] New Pure training spot [I]

    Will maybe try to make this today, do not expect the best script ever since I started learning today So you want the bot to pickup the locust meat and use it to heal up?
  13. t0p4zm4ch3t3

    int currentLvl = Skills.getActualLevel(SKILLS.MINING);

    Sorry will do from now on