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  1. ty for words guys but in all due respect i didnt ask for your opinion @boatsb4hose. The preset was on strength. I pay $10 a month for this script. It shouldnt fuck up my account like this. Still awaiting an explanation
  2. you probably didnt notice it changing if you have a maxed main....like ive said ive gotten over 5m range xp and probably like 3-4m str xp with this script over the last 25 days or so. something happened this time...i use a fucking preset which i literally type into the command place where you start the script... ive been doing this since the start. honestly its dissapointing to to have to change the whole build after using 50 attack weapons for over 150 hours of strength training.
  3. hahahaha LOOOOOOOOL i know and its also too high for me to become a voider without getting 61 attack lmaoooo just as the ballista gets massively boosted. Ericko, still awaiting an explanation
  4. dude WHAT the fuck happened! im so angry right now! My preset was on STRENGTH and it must have changed to attack while i was at uni! it trained my 50 attack pure (ALMOST MAXED) to 58 attack.... what happened?!? Im really angry about this. Please give me an explanation! (ive been using script for almost a month now without a single issue)
  5. the script is working 100% fine. ill leave this here after using it for about 1 hour... im gonna leave it for the day and see what happens lads
  6. Sorry boys, havnt posted for a good 10 days so far. Pretty much i feel like ive tried many methods in both f2p and member botting and im getting a little bit demotivated. I did say before that i had an idea up my sleeve but honestly i dont really have the patience any more to try it out. Also I feel like im spending too much time on rs/botting these days so im going to be taking a break. Maybe a few days or maybe a few months. Not too sure right now but im gonna take a good break from runescape and botting for a short while and ill definately come back to this thread and continue where i left off. Im sorry to dissapoint. Ill still be hopping on once every while to check up on anything. Feel free to leave posts on your successful/unsuccessful attempts and tries. Cheers everyone for joining me in this adventure. Ill be back
  7. dude that would be incredible! but i think thats just asking for too much, but we can dream
  8. hahaha yeah i get that. If it was just a simple button, you right click it to select account then you can left click it whenever u want to log in. so simple but so convenient
  9. Another suggestion for the client: I think the client should have a button on the left of the "start script" button where you pick which account and then the bot just logs in. Some times i need to just mule stuff over or just play legit on a certain proxy (hence why i'm using tribot client) and i havnt memorised all the account names/passwords so i either have to start up a different script which may lag out the other clients or pull up my one note file. Honestly not too big of a deal but could be very convenient.
  10. Thanks everyone for the support! I think something like this would be super helpful. @Trynabot its just an easier way, im asking for something to make life easier and you're telling us to keep doing the slow method, why? Hopefully we can get some developers on this.
  11. Hey everyone, I think a good addition to the client would be a "Take a break" button which could just be on the tools section of the client. Sometimes i need to restart my internet or change my script up (hence selecting a different script) and i realise the bot hasnt taken a proper break for 2-3 hours. This could be easily resolved with a take a break button where you could manually get a break for a predetermined time. What do you guys think?
  12. Hmm guys thanks heaps for the responses, i have been thinking a lot about the reasons my accounts are getting banned so much. I am really bugged that my member accounts are getting banned within like 6 days which is just so disheartening even though i did break even (price of bonds/scripts). I will now check my proxy provider if there are any dns leaks because i create the accounts on their respective proxy/vpn. At the moment i have a much bigger plan of a much more capable bot script which i will hopefully start using this week. This script, if it works should be making me about 100m by the end of the week, if it works successfully. Im not too sure. For the record my three member bots were doing cooking and fletching. Using Sigma Cooker and Master Fletcher. The cooking script was making about 180k/hour and fletcher around 120k/hour. One bot was doing cooking and 2 doing fetching because i saturated the cooking market. I really hope i can get this next script to work. As a further show of my commitment im going to use this next script on my ftp pure with decent stats. Ive hand played on this account for more than 3-4 days (in game time) over like 7-8 months. I really hope that it will work because i do want to keep trying but the failures are very demotivating. Btw i do have a job so this is in now way my source of income, don't worry about my financial situation. Cheers for the concern regardless. Great to see a bunch of people are still following this. If you havnt yet, make sure to join my discord: https://discord.gg/2GSdR (24 hour link)- post for a fresh one
  13. Hey guys, im back again with another update, So far things have gone a little bit off plan. ALL 3 of the member bots that i was testing with have been banned unfortunately but i was able to break even so ive made back all of my costs so far. Im going to think of a new method that hopefully wont get my accounts banned within 5 days and get back in there! More updates soon!
  14. hey mate, ive been using the trial for almost 5 hours now, and i definately will buy the script. It looks so awesome and i love the antiban. Only problem is that after it takes a break, it logs in but DOES NOT press "click here to play" on the second screen where it says how much membership you have left (on runescape client). This is obviously a massive problem because i have to baby sit it and press that one button after every break. Please fix ASAP. Will also message on discord.
  15. Damnnnn i was thinking about doing that actually but apparently DMM has A MASSIVE ban rate. like the first 5-6 days of dmm are like bots getting banned left right and centre to the point where its just not economical. Tell me what happens tomorrow with this 80m project, if it did work, ill be sure to give it a go