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  1. JJ's Recorder Repository link Creating your own script has never been easier. With JJ's Recorder your in-game actions are automatically mapped to script actions. Start the script, play the game and playback your actions. That is all there is to it. You don't have to write any code at all! Video tutorial Text tutorial 1. Record your actions 2. Optional: save your actions 3. Hit the playback button Settings can be reloaded: The following actions are recognized: RSChatContinueAction RSChatOptionAction RSChooseOptionAction RSEquipmentAction RSGroundItemAction RSInterfaceAction RSItemAction RSNpcAction RSObjectAction RSPointAction RSSpellAction RSWalkAction Please let me know what kind of script you are trying to make and what actions are missing!
  2. Repository link JJ's Fighter Pro is an AIO Fighter script: it can kill any monster that you want. You can also make a list of items to loot and select the food you want to eat. You can drink potions if needed, pick up and alch certain items, use special attacks, prioritize looting, etc. This is all configurable through the GUI. You can save your settings for future usage. Anti Ban Compliance implementation ABCL 10 has been implemented. Screenshots Statistics JJ's Fighter needs an internet connection to send script statistics to my server. The data is anonymous and you can check what it sends in bot debug. Example chart from 15/10/2013 Features Melee, range, mage support Eating Looting Banking Bones to peaches XP checking Fast monster switching Dynamic mainloop Setting loading/saving Changelog
  3. Repository link Hey, I needed to get 45 herblore for Legends Quest so I decided to make a herblore script. Since the intial release, a lot of things have changed: Changelog v1: Initial release, ability to make unfinished potions and finished potions v2: Added GUI v3: Option to grind items, option to clean herbs, bug fixes, performance increased v4: Fixed the spawning of the GUI, didn't work for certain people. v5: Added decanting and all in one option. Tweaked some things to make it faster. v6: Not much changed but recompile due to reported issues. Works fine for me. v7: Updated due to Banking changes. Removed all in one option for now, not stable enough yet. v8: Banking has been updated again so the script has aswell! v9: Features script statistics and it should be flawless again. v10: Statistics have been made more accurately v11: - Your settings are now automatically saved and reloaded on script start. - Decanting has been removed since you can one-click-decant at the Grand Exchange. - The script will now log you out when you are out of supplies - ABCL AntiBan has been added - Withdrawing bug has been fixed v12: Bug fixes v13: Bug fixes v14: - Antiban updated to ABCL2 - Support for stackable items added - Added information how to find ID's in GUI When you start this GUI will show: You can select a method and hit run and the script will start! Make sure that everything is visible in your bank. If you want to grind items make sure to have your pestle and mortar in the last spot of your inventory. Cleaning Grinding Mixing Get the script from the repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/206-jj-s-herblore/
  4. Hey, JJ's Fighter Lite is the lite version of JJ's Fighter Pro. It comes with all features except that it stops after 30 minutes. However, you can restart the script as many times as you like. Premium version thread: here Lite version on the repository: here Features Melee, range, mage support Eating Looting Banking Bones to peaches XP checking Fast monster switching Dynamic mainloop Screenshots
  5. Once the update is out I'll gather feedback from current users for a while before allowing sales again. Yes, although I still have a list of features which I wanted to add at one point. I am going through all the updates and see what has changed, the list will be re-evaluated to see what should be added first.
  6. Hey @gabrielspecterand others. My estimation of February was too optimistic. I got the key of my new place to live on February 1st and spent all my spare time during the month on renovating and buying furniture, decorations, etc. When I moved abroad 1.5 years ago I sold almost everything I owned, and underestimated how long it would take to get up & running. The good news is that after last weekend I am now fully settled! I just made my account p2p again and must say that I am enjoying RuneScape again. An update will be coming "soon" and I also really want to fully finish version 19.0. It has been a Beta version for wayyyy too long. But first, update version 18.0 with all the changes that have been made to RuneScape since I have been away.
  7. Hi everyone, First of all I would like to apologize for being away for quite a while. TRiBot has been a side project for a long time, but in recent years I started to add more side projects like developing apps for startups and running a webshop. I thought I had no limits, but recent months all the work piled up so high that I was no longer able to fulfill all this work. Especially given that while doing all this I am also a full-time student needing to spend 30+ hours a work on university assignments. Anyways, I ended up dropping RuneScape in recent months and transferred future development of the apps I developed to other companies. During the Christmas holiday I managed to finally launch the new version of the webshop which was also in development for months. In the next 7 days I am completing my courses here in Stockholm and I will then move back to The Netherlands. I will take a little break at that point to relax and celebrate all the hard work is over. From 1st of February and onwards I will be consistently updating all of my scripts again, starting with this one of course. JJ
  8. Hi The script chops Willows at Rimmington and when your inventory is full it will sell the willows to the store. Changelog: 27/09/2014: Script has been updated and does now fully support Ent's and all randoms. It should run flawless. 04/08/2015: ABCL AntiBan has been implemented, code has been improved, speed has been increased, paint has been expanded. Please allow the connection to obduro.nl to let me gather anonymous script statistics (runtime, xp gained, wc lvl). Script statistics: http://obduro.org/scriptstats/jjswillowchopper.php Proggy: Get it from the repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/205-jj-s-willow-chopper/
  9. Thanks @meisgoot312, appreciate the kind words! Yes, it has been added at one point but recently I have not tested support and according the reports coming in, it seems to be broken. I will be fixing it. Hi @Enigma37, sales are currently on hold. For now I am working on keeping the script running for all the current users. In the future I might allow sales again. Thanks for the Sand Crabs report. How I have tested it is as following: 1) Start at any of the spots (in my case this was usually west) 2) Kill sand crabs until they become non agressive 3) Run north until the spot is no longer shown on the minimap 4) Run back to the spot, with re-aggro crabs. But in the meantime it seems this no longer works as once coded. I will be fixing it. (same for Rock Crabs) Thanks for the kind words @Mitchy45! Great to hear you reached 99 ranged. It's indeed one of the slowest combat skills to train.. well if you use normal arrows or knifes. Chinning remains very expensive and not possible for some low prayer accounts. Enjoy your account! See above, multiple reports on this issue; both rock crabs and sand crabs. -- It has been three weeks but I am now settled in Stockholm. With a solid internet connection with no restrictions (unlike last year...). Will be working on a fix for rock crabs and sand crabs over the weekend.
  10. No unfortunately not. I'm sorry. Working on issues as soon as I have time again. Normally the inventory should be checked - it should match the items entered in the GUI. When testing banking I often use the same setup as you mentioned, kill cows, pick-up hides and bring them to the bank. But usually without food. I'll try with food when I can. If you are not satisfied with the performance by now I can refund you. Odd, those monster should fight back and thus their state should be 'in combat'. I'll check it out soon. Yes it can and checks for closed doors and other obstacles during navigation. In which scenario did it make a mistake? Killing monsters yes. The script is also able to get back into the room if it accidentally clicks on a door. But banking is not supported. -- Hi all, I'm still alive... I have been very busy the last three weeks with a mandatory summer school. I was expecting to have spare time and to have time for some scripting. But both assumptions were wrong, I had almost no spare time and the internet was not stable enough to play RuneScape. Anyways, as you all have noticed. I am having a hard time to update my scripts. For the past two years or so I have only played RuneScape to keep my scripts up-to-date. After getting bans on multiple accounts my interest in RuneScape has dropped even lower. When releasing this script I wanted to provide lifetime support. For the past 3.5 years the script has been expanded with more features and I have tried to reply to all comments. I have now limited the amount of sales - if it works correctly no more purchases should be possible. For everyone that has already bought the script, I will be maintaining the script to keep it functional. New features are unlikely to be added. I do still plan on adding features such as safespotting and world hopping at one point. Tomorrow I will move to Stockholm, where I will live for at least one year.
  11. J J

    JJ's Herblore [Mix, Clean, Grind]

    Thanks @Victade, I will take your feedback into account when updating the script. I want to make the movements and waiting times editable by the user in a future version. I didn't know about the existence of the Amulet of Chemistry - thanks for letting me know. Looks like it would be a good addition to the script. I am using the default TRiBot API to close the bank, I don't think ESC is supported but I'll ask. And I can always send the keypress myself of course.
  12. Hi, see below. Thanks for answering RelliTelli33's question Hi again, the same rule applies for this script like other premium scripts: you can run it how long you want. But if you are not a VIP user you can only run one instance of the script at the same time (unless it has changed) Your image is not loading, but it must have been an issue with id's being outdated. Hi @gabrielspecter, it is already on the new feature list. For now I am still focusing on improving the core of the script first before I start adding new features again. I am now back from my holiday and a new version is coming soon.
  13. Hi @DrWatt I only see a blank space after the mention. If you still haven't managed to activate it successful, you can post a topic in the Bugs & Errors subforum: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/162-bugs-and-errors/ Hi Arcturus, thanks for the feedback. In the most recent update I have worked on the 'only loot own loot' feature. Unfortunately there still are some issues with monsters larger than one tile. Cows are two tiles and it's not always certain on which tile of the two the loot pile will appear. I have work in progress to improve the detection of your own lootpiles. -- In the past few weeks I have consistently worked more hours than planned as a freelancer at an App Development company. The good news is that I will no longer be working as a freelancer throughout July and August. On the flipside of things my RuneScape scripts and other projects have all been on hold. I am now leaving on holiday for 12 days, when I am back home I'll release a new version of this script and other scripts. That will all happen in July.
  14. I am aware of this issue, mainly a problem with monsters large than one tile. To kill them yes, but banking will be tricky. Also antifire might be tricky. If you plan to only kill blue dragons, you are better off with a script specialized in killing dragons. Hi @DrWatt is there a log available in the Bot Debug or Client Debug? Without a log I can't figure out the issue for you. Hi sam, are you using Looking Glass? Unfortunately the mouse movements and clicking events are not passed to the TRiBot listeners that I am using. If you use the normal client it should work, if it doesn't please send me more details about your setup please! Hey YoHoJo, it's been a while. The script does have support for drinking potions at a certain level. But if you are leveling quickly, that might be inaccurate. If you know the amount of levels a potion boosts your stats, you can also calculate the interval to use. But good suggestion to implement this as a third option, drink potion when unboosted. 99% sure it was or is a broken hook. Tomorrow I will have time to run the script and if it is a problem on my side it will get fixed.
  15. Thank you, in v19 I have significantly improved the whole recording system. It is now 'smarter' and checks the states of gates (e.g. if its open, it skips the "open" action). The beta version can be activated here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2274-beta-jj-s-fighter-pro/ I am now working towards the full release of v19 where it will replace the current v18.5
  16. It's going to take some months before I have scratched off all the things above it on my list. I want to have v19 out soon and also a v20 before my next school year starts in September. I have less time than anticipated due to having to work more hours to afford my next school year. But updates are coming, just not at the pace that I want.
  17. Hi, thanks for the suggestion but for now making the core as stable as possible has my priority. No, it cannot at this point. Thanks, actually read your PM last week and the monsters you are fighting have the "specifications" that I expected to cause the issue. Now to fix it, will keep you up to date by PM. Hi, the script can pick-up arrows but will not equip them. In the future version of the script, v19, I have taken a lot of situations like this into account in the structure - support will eventually be added.
  18. Can you PM me where you are training? I trained on monsters that are 1 tile in size on my Iron Man and it works for me using wait for loot to appear and pick your own loot. When the monster hits 0 hp the script goes into delay mode (show in Paint) until loot appears within a 2 tile radius of yourself. When loot appears the loot tile is added to a 1 minute cache. When looting this cache is used to check if items at a given tile are from a kill you made yourself.
  19. Version 18.5 has been released. For the issues you had: 1. Aggro monster (when it killed monster and it dropped loot and the other aggro monster attack me it will forget about its own loot) 2. Spec, Eating or potion (this case too if monster dropped item and it have to spec eat or use potion it will also forget its own loot) 3. Wait for loot to appear does not work Wait for loot to appear has now been improved and a timing bug has been fixed. If you enable wait for loot the issues #1 and #2 are also resolved. There are still some scenario's where items are not tracked when using 'only loot own items' due to other actions intercepting with the monster dying animation. This is not something that can be solved with the v18 codebase but in the rewritten v19 it certainly can as things like that have been taken into account. But 95% of the times loot is tracked properly right now with this update. Yes good suggestion, might also overlay it on the game tiles itself. A radius of 25 means 25 tiles distance to the starting position. If you enable position debugging in TRiBot you can see the coordinates of each tile, e.g. (3000, 3000, 1) and then you move to (3005, 3005, 1) Your distance is then calculated using the Pythagorean Theorem thus: sqrt(5^2+5^2) = 7 distance. -- 05/05/2017 (Version 18.5) - Improved 'wait for loot' and 'only-pick up own items' settings, especially useful for Iron Men. - Improved timing when burying bones. - Fixed 'click here to continue' click on level-up.
  20. Doesn't it work when you use 1.000+ worth? It should use 1gp per coin as worth. I guess not, I'll fix that. It has been implemented and now in testing phase, will be released this weekend. My weekend includes Monday so anywhere between now and then!
  21. "The regular client should have a permanent fix released in the next week or two, but this permanent fix will really only fix the flickering issue."
  22. Yes its on my own list But thanks for the reminder! It can see the loot but when you try to pick it up you get a game message that Iron Men can only loot their own items. -- If you have any issues due to the script, the latest RuneScape update broke many hooks: Also the game screen is flickering.. will take up to 2 weeks to fix according to TRiLeZ.
  23. Yes I am now working on fixing the looting in the old version. I am now botting on an Ultimate Ironman. Quite interesting actually.. and to get "loot only own loot" perfectly working.
  24. Yes I won't push the new version to replace the old version until I am sure it has an equal or lower banrate and equal or higher performance. Yeah.. The older version has some problems but maybe that's why the banrate is lower. The new version is perhaps too fast and too 'perfect' which is more botlike. I'll check out the mouse move of screen and click on ground anti-ban occurences. Yes I am actually leaning towards doing that first. -- Also yesterday there was supposed to be an update for the beta version. However, my grandparents decided to visit me and I spent the day with them, thus I didn't have time to do any development. I changed my working days from Monday+Tuesday to Tuesday+Wednesday and right now I am working on finalizing the beta update. And afterwards I will take a look at the older version and take a look at the looting.
  25. Nope.. The new account I started was banned which has demotivated be a little bit. I've done all this work to recreate the script from scratch and now I have been banned twice. While with the old code and current version the banrate seems to be lower. Maybe my goldmule and/or ip-address is flagged. I just can't find any botlike behavior in the script that would result in two bans. The update is coming tomorrow.