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    22 years old
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    I started playing RuneScape ~10 years ago, I received my first Macroing ban in 2007. From that moment on I started playing legitimately again until the moment I started scripting (2012).

    Since then I have been using my own scripts for thousands of hours.
  1. 29/11/2016 (Version 18.4) - Improved way of picking-up items - Looting multiple items in a row with no interruptions - Tweaks when antiban events occur Looting radius problem I took a look at the looting radius, and it does compare the position of the item to your starting tile. The result is an integer which is compared to the interaction radius set in the GUI. Noted items problem I have also checked out the problem with noted items with the following settings: - Iron ore (441) [noted] - Minimum for stackable items: 2 The problem is that looting is based on name OR id, so a normal iron ore gets looted. Why? Because an unnoted iron ore is not stackable so it gets picked up. The stack is only checked for items which are stackable. A fix for this is to add the ID manually. So enter 441 in the text bar and hit enter. It will show: custom (441). Because there is no name given, an unnoted iron ore will not be picked up. In a future version of the script I will add more data to the settings file. Appending if the chosen item is stackable and appending if the chosen item is noted. Or something I mentioned before which would be better: entering the minimum required stack for each item that is added in the GUI. Maybe the minimum stack for runes is five, arrows ten and seeds just one. Right now that is not possible.
  2. Nice, yeah I think I am using that setting myself which is why I never found out it could lead to isues. I do not have a Rune pouch myself but will look into it. I do have a Looting Bag now from the Abyss, which I will add support for. I will look into all the available bags/pouches that can be used by the script. Hi MrRoo, I have added support for Rock Crabs and Sand Crabs in version 18.0 on 20 July 2016. I am unsure how it is performing because I never received much feedback on it. From my own experience it works well. You can try it out with the Trial of this script.
  3. Good point you are making there, I have never noticed that issue. Can you PM me the location of a NPC which drops high value alcheable items frequently? I usually train at Moss Giants and they do not. No problem.
  4. 1. Yes this is a problem with the script states where it does not successfully loot an item and continues with the next step. And then it spots the loot again and needs to walk back. 2. The looting radius used the combat radius but I think it might calculate the distance from the players current position instead of the starting tile which causes the area to be larger. Those are two important issues to be fixed. I have just uploaded version 18.3. The problem with looting stackable items has been fixed. Also looting items worth over a certain items has been slightly tweaked and it does work for me. In the Bot Debug Log Tab you can see the prices it retrieves from the Grand Exchange. If anyone still has issues with looting items worth over a certain amount please post a screenshot of the prices it is retrieving. @Snowbear @godslayerz 18/11/2016 (Version 18.3) - Fixed issue with looting items worth over a certain amount - Fixed issue with looting stackable items and minimum stack setting
  5. I am currently working on resolving this issue! Scripting on the university campus.
  6. Hi all, I planned to investigate into the problems last Wednesday. My schedule was empty so I thought I had no classes. However, they sent us an e-mail with the new schedule on Tuesday. I had feedback class on Wednesday and French classes on Thursday. I wanted to work on the script on Friday... but Friday was some kind of holiday so the university was closed.. and as I said before, I can't play RuneScape from my home... I have exam week right now and will be done after Wednesday. I'll work on the script in a laboratory on Thursday and/or Friday.
  7. Hi TE600, Maybe TRiBot was outdated at the time you tried? Unfortunately I can't access TRiBot right now. I will be working on the script on Wednesday. All you should need to do is start the script and double click on monsters to kill. They get added to the list on the right side, hit start script and off it goes. It supports potions by drinking it a given interval. Unfortunately not yet by drinking it at a certain level or once it stops working. But if you get the interval right it still works. For looting I have no idea what happened there. judging from your post and TE600 I think TRiBot was outdated? I will investigate on Wednesday. See above.
  8. Thanks, good to hear Yeah I can certainly make some improvements. Due to problems with my internet connection (TRiBot/RuneScape is blocked) the script update has been delayed.
  9. (missed part of my response in the post above which can no longer be edited) Hi, I have used this feature for quite some time myself while training ranged. I believe there was a report a while ago that stated something similarly? Yes that is not the bot-like behaviour you want. The minimum stack of stackable items should work for looting stacks of arrows over the amount you entered. But apparently it does not. I have added it to my list of issues (which is now admittedly longer than I aim for)
  10. See below I have contacted the Internet Provider at my Residence but for now internet is still restricted. I can't access anything that uses a socket connection. So that includes RuneScape and TRiBot. But also more common applications such as Skype, WhatsApp call, Github, Spotify and many more. I personally find it unacceptable that we can not use these applications in our own home.. and it's not about data limits because we can use YouTube or normal file downloads at a pretty fast speed. So it doesn't make sense. It looks like they blocked socket traffic JUST because of Torrents. And with that they killed hundreds of perfectly normal applications that require socket connections. The 'good' news is that I can access RuneScape and TRiBot at the university itself. I will be doing my scripting in a laboratory for the time being. However my exam week is coming up but once that is done I will spend time somewhere on campus to finish a big update. The ETA for that is in around 18 November. Maybe earlier if the laboratory is open in the weekends. I don't think it is though but never checked. Hi, Hey Butta, thanks for the continued feedback. I tried to resolve the Looking Glass issue but did not find the reason why it does not work with the Banking Recorder. It must be something to do with the TRiBot MouseAction interface that does not provide a callback because of the Looking Glass wrapper. Not yet. I'm sorry. Circumstances mentioned in my last posts have essentially prevented me from scripting. Thanks man, that's lovely to hear. I really do want to keep improving this script. It has been in development for more than 3 years. As promised I will provide 'lifetime' support - meaning as long as TRiBot Oldschool exists. For now there is a long gap between the last update but I will get back to my more frequent update schedule as soon as I can.
  11. Hi, yes this has been suggested before. Mainly as an anti-ban feature. But in this case it would be more like a way to get more xp/h. -- An update on my situation.. I do have internet but for some reason the administration blocks most UDP connections. I can't use Spotify, Skype and loading TRiBot throws an exception. I can't load RuneScape 3 or Oldschool RuneScape either. Looks like the firewall is blocking it.. Really makes no sense, we are living in 2016 and it's a student residence.. Why would they block trivial services such as Skype and WhatsApp calls etc. Will bring a new visit to the administration tomorrow.
  12. Thanks for the report. Yes, will do some testing with telegrab! Maybe related to a TRiBot update? Not sure. See below. -- On Sunday I planned to work on the update for the whole day and release the long-awaited update on the same day. However, I received an e-mail that I was given permission to move to a different residence. So I spent the Sunday packing all my stuff and preparing for the move. On Monday I moved all my stuff to the new studio. It is twice as large as my previous room (20m2 vs 10m2) and I now have my own shower, kitchen and toilet. I used to share those with 4 roommates. And best of all, I live 3 minutes away from the buildings where I have my classes. So I am saving 1.5 hours of travel time every day. Took a lot of effort and complaining to get permission to move (also lucky someone left this residence), but extremely glad I live here now. However..... at this residence they do not allow some connections. So torrents to do not work and Spotify doesn't work either. They block UDP connections or something. For some reason I can't load RuneScape through the TRiBot loader either. Figuring out how I can by pass this. They use a proxy filter and I have found the wpad.dat file. If I can't bypass it I will have to script somewhere at the university. Not a big problem.. but not ideal.
  13. Yes - it has been too long. Glad I now have a stable internet connection. Thanks for the report. How often does it right click around the room? It is an antiban feature and should only happen once in a while. Yeah it is on my long list of features I want to add. I am currently working on finally finishing safespotting.
  14. The WiFi in my building has been working stable on my Macbook since my last update. Not so great on my other devices for some reason. Anyways, update coming by this weekend. Unfortunately my class schedule has changed today, I now have a class on Friday instead of having the day off - which I was planning to use for script development. Still have a good part of the day though.
  15. Hi all, Good news, the WiFi in the building has finally been fixed. I will be working on finally releasing an update again. A bit out of the loop.. will be catching up on the latest Oldschool and TRiBot news now. JJ