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  1. whatever123

    GThieving AIO [Open source][REWRITTEN 10.2017][ABC2]

    Yes this is a shame. If you come back would be great to have it fixed back up into working condition!
  2. Absolutely agreed. Let's remember though that some "pointless" actions dont necessarily increase chance of a ban, they just randomize things more. But, it needs to have a healthy balance obviuosly. If you're always going to bank and not withdrawing anything, this could start looking suspicious (maybe, I'm not sure EXACTLY what jamflex looks at). It goes to the bank to withdraw pots and make sure the rest of your invy is setup well, its much easier to code this way. I don't think this necessarily needs to change. I can definitely agree though that overall it could use a little love to appear a little less botlike in some ways and a few more human error things could be added like maybe moving the tile its standing on a LIIIIITLE bit. But I reiterate again that this is the only script where I've been able to get very little bans (I actually have received 2 bans, but the accounts were being suicided and botting insane hours daily without doing anything else. I've maxed a few others in melee by botting normal hours which turned out to be more expensive bc I had to keep paying for the script for a long time, but the accounts were safe.) In conclusions, the script could use a little more love and with a bit of development become arguably the most natural looking script to ever exist. The price is also not very cheap. Nevertheless, you get more value out of this script than you do out of others and bans are pretty low in its current state so all is relatively ok. By the way, I've pmed you a question so if you could glance at your inbox I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  3. Just hopping in to say that this is the best script for combat that I've ever used. I've maxed multiple accounts as far as melee goes. I've heard good things about range/mage too. Sure, every script could always use a bit more randomization/anti-ban, but this one is already pretty good. A bit pricey, but to be fair you can run it for hours a day without a ban, so although it is pricey, its worth it more than other scripts! For some reason my signature shows how much I've used the script but its showing low xp gains for some categories, not sure why
  4. Ok will do! Once it's fixed, I'll buy it. Can you confirm what Xanbot said that the intervals for alching vary a bit so it looks human? Looking for something I can run daily for 2.5-3 hours Thanks!
  5. Script looks very promising, tried out a bit of the trial. I'm looking for a very good alching script to get 99 mage. Does this script "randomize" the clicks a bit so the intervals between clicks vary a bit? So that it looks more human? Thanks.
  6. whatever123

    [Open Source] daxPickPocket [9/28/2014]

    Actually working OK so far even though this script was last updated in 2015. But, sometimes the script accidentally clicks to report someone then gets stuck on the report screen until I close it manually then it continues pickpocketing. If you possibly see this post could you maybe just put out a little update to stop it from reporting people and sitting on the screen? Because otherwise I think it's working well. Thanks!
  7. whatever123

    EzHellratCatcher [Open Source]

    Great to have this script! I get lazy doing rfd and dont want to gather the spices, this is a great easy help! Very efficient too it does everything quick not slow and bulky like some scripts. Great release!
  8. how are the bans with this fishing script? I was looking for a very premium one to try to max a level with 70 fishing to 99 - very risky obivously, but maybe it would be possible with this script? I'm surprised the users count is so high with such a premium script. Must be good?
  9. whatever123

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    Just coming back to say the bot is running great! The problem was that I had to reset all the f keys to default settings in runescape settings. Happy botting friends!
  10. Just coming back to say the bot is running great! The problem was that I had to reset all the f keys to default settings in runescape settings. Happy botting friends!
  11. What settings are you using friend? Mine keeps dying excessively, so I'm trying to figure out how to fix it.
  12. whatever123

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    The script keeps dying repeatedly. Constantly. So much its basically not profiting, it dies MOST times it attempts zulrah. This isnt normal behavior right? Seriously, I've tried all types of settings. I've even kept things basically default and it still dies so much on a high level account with very high hp and 99 mage. I thought this script was going to be a fantastic zulrah script... Am I setting something up wrong? Or has this been abandoned and I didn't know? Please someone give me some more context or explanation. Thanks.
  13. whatever123

    [ABC2] Multi Fisher V2 [AIO]

    Hey, thanks for the reply! To be honest I'm not even sure, it just looked that way when I looked at it. I can take a look at it more and reply once i observed it more.