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  1. I think it was members. No problem, I'll be careful.
  2. Little proggy working great!
  3. Just as a first guess before checking other things, are your system environment variables set up correctly for Java?
  4. Edit: I'm very sorry, this is not a script issue! Script is running great. Anyone with issues delete your hooks.dat and restart client twice.
  5. Thanks for this guide! Is it still working/updated? Does looking Glass work with this approach with centos? I find looking Glass pretty valuable for botting accounts you want to keep for a while.
  6. OK, thanks for replying.
  7. They mentioned in yesterday's update post that they're working on looking Glass especially with runelite hooking.
  8. Big progress, thanks! Can't wait for LG for runelite/osbuddy. CLI rollout increases functionality as well.
  9. Thanks, I didn't even have to clear cache or delete .dat this time. Looks like it was just down while updating all good now!
  10. Sorry for wrong section, won't let me place under client bugs. Tribot not starting for anyone else today?
  11. Hey, nicely functioning basic and simple script! One question though... Sometimes the delay/sleep between actions is a bit long. Is there anyway to shorten it just a bit? Thanks! Also more antiban never hurts but I'm sure you know that.
  12. Big thank you for working on the LG fix.
  13. Great Script! Works really well and I appreciate it having a world hopping feature to get away from other players and the ability to kill sand crabs well. I found one issue I'd like to report before I buy the script that is.... When resetting aggro at sand crabs itll walk to this tent (sometimes inside, sometimes outside i think) and just start clicking on this tent door. It sits there and opens and closes it for hours. This does not happen everytime. Only sometimes.
  14. I know this is a less stable and probably more problematic approach, but you could make some sort of external higher level script that runs in a sandbox, vim, whatever some way to organize the tribot instances and interacts with each one individually. This would also take a lot of resources though and be prone to break on updates. It could be done though and could work with just a little thinking. Sorry to post on an old thread but figured I'd mention it.
  15. Thank you admins and developers for working on this! The Waterfox/palemoon fix helps a lot.
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