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  1. Gal galeciau padeti? Lietuviskai kalbu.
  2. He also just joined on April 14th so may not be super up to date on botting techniques, etc. Theres some good guides on tribot!
  3. whatever123

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 10th]

    Would be great to get this for me as well! Exnmz subscription and VIP-E subscription both ended while tribot was down :(. Wishing you guys luck in fixing it up!
  4. whatever123

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 10th]

    Because it has been over 24 hours, can we receive compensation if our VIP-E ended within that time period? ExNMZ subscription also ended within that time period.
  5. whatever123

    Auto Woodcutter

    Just saw the official thread, problem is most likely client side. Admins are working on updating/fixing client.
  6. whatever123

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 10th]

    With auto wodcutting the guy walks up to tree and just "sits there" or "Stares". On script it looks like this:
  7. whatever123

    Auto Woodcutter

    Did new update break tribot or the script? Stuck on "attempting to cut" worked great the past few months. First issue.
  8. So basically just make RS accounts through it and nothing else through maxthon browser. Good to know if true.
  9. whatever123

    Do we still have a ban report/discussion thread?

    That's the one! Thank you very much!
  10. whatever123

    Question for usa green drag bot! Please reply!!

    This is what I feel like answering every time someone asks one of these types of questions in a random thread haha.
  11. whatever123

    Botting in f2p

    Everything this poster said is generally correct. You can use a free script if you just need to work on a few levels, but there is not much longevity with MOST free scripts. It probably is possible to profit from f2p somehow (maybe suicide botting, maybe not) and definitely possible to profit from p2p botting but the thing is is that theres lots of people who want to get into goldfarming and people won't share the methods they've learned through lots of research and trial and error very easily. So you really won't get many direct, easy answers. Keep experimenting, trying different things out, and talking to people to pick up little tid bits of information. You'll probably lose money in the beginning but eventually if you keep at it I bet you'll have at least some success in the long run. Best of luck!
  12. whatever123

    Quality scripts with plenty of support

    I'm pretty sure you can find much more information on what script has good support by looking on the repository yourself and investigating specific scripts that interest you. Like if I recommend a woodcutting script what happens if you don't need a wcing script lol? So I'm just going to recommend a general one... ExNMZ has the best support and longevity out of any script I've seen here.
  13. I'm looking for the thread that was like an official "ban report thread" where people would post what script they used, how long, etc. and the ban they received. It was useful sometimes for a little extra insight. Does this thread still exist? I can't find it for the life of me! Thanks in advance.
  14. whatever123

    2nd botting offence?

    Why do people bot ironmen? Just asking out of curiousity. Like isn't the fun and challenge of it playing legit? You can't even trade/profit. I would understand botting a main to high stats much more than an ironman, it seems pointlessly "extra".
  15. whatever123

    Suicide botting an account w/ ExNMZ

    I have a lot of experience with exnmz. I wouldn't bot 24/7 but you can definitely bot on it longer than you would with other scripts. ZulrahSlayer by worthy would be extremely risky to bot for 24/7. Got banned once when I accidentally let it run for 8 hours straight. Botting zulrah is extremely risky. Jagex was watching it manually when I got banned about 2 months ago.