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  1. This script is great! Did over 10m xp so far! Only problem is that my signature doesn't work, not the old, nor the new one!
  2. Super energy's are broken too!
  3. app

  4. Tried running the script on the Autumn garden, unfortunately it makes a lot of calculation problems on when to walk/run or not! Anyone else experiencing some problems with this garden or is it just me?
  5. app

    Maybe it's a good idea to make some sort of easy Mobile Application which allows VIP-Extended botters to check on their bot status. Example of App Features: - Push notifications when bot crashes or finishes a task - Ability to re-run scripts - Ability to "Spy-View" the running script - Ability to stop running scripts I'm really sorry if I am asking for a lot, I have absolutely no experience with designing Apps, so I have no clue on how much work this would be! Anyone else with thoughts about this?
  6. Do you play on the account besides botting it? Does it take brakes or do you just bot 5 hours straight a day and stop it?
  7. Another person with an IQ of a level 3 Seagull!
  8. DERP! Read the freakin Guide? I've been using this script for over a year already! Works like a charm!
  9. Would you be able to do this @Mute?
  10. Dear scripters out there, I am currently searching for someone who can create a private Tithe Farm script for me. I'd like it be able to plant 16 plants at the same time while using Humidify to refill the watering cans. Willing to pay good, need more information? Please contact me! Greetings, Michael
  11. Bot stopped working today, it just keeps taking food from the bank and banking it again
  12. Special attack for magic shortbow is not working and the bot stays at the special bar menu!
  13. How long will it take you to get a Torso for me? Planning on buying one!