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  1. All of @Worthy his scripts are insane, but his Construction script has gotten me 99 on several accounts with 20+ hour progresses and not a single ban.
  2. Not having any issues at the moment.
  3. I've been having issues logging in and starting a script. It says I need to buy VIP in order to run multiple instances, but I am the only one logged in to my account. Furthermore I've tried to delete the appdata and it sometimes wont login because of a server error?
  4. michaelpwn

    LF -> Firecape

    Looking for a verified member to get a Firecape on my pure account. 94 Ranged 52 Prayer 1 Defence Will be paying with OSGP.
  5. That's true, is it normal for the bot to repeat the "Finding NPC" process, even tho there are plenty of un-attacked NPC's nearby? Besides that, pretty neat script, got several nice drops already.
  6. I've just bought the script and it seems like the bot is also hopping worlds for PvM'ers that are skulled killing the Rev's. Because of this I have been hopping worlds for 20 minutes straight without a single kill.
  7. Is there an update which makes the bot a bit less xp/h? the rock cake doesn't eat at 2 hp, but now does at 3/4 hp to 2, which cost more absorption pots in the long time.
  8. Can you try to open up with and browse for your java?
  9. I am not sure what you mean with it opens in windows 10, could you send a screenshot?
  10. I have had that in the passed when using TriBot for a long time a day. Other then that I haven't had any issues.
  11. What method of training? Trying to get 99 myself too.
  12. Did you adjust the teleport method? What settings are you currently running?
  13. I've used this script for a very long time but it keeps withdrawing random items every now and then. Is there a way to fix this? @Worthy
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