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  1. They haven't been working for 2 years already and they won't be fixed in the near future either.
  2. Dayum, I might give it a shot then, I am at 98/98/98/98 combat stats, so I will finish that first. I'll try to get 99 hunt after that (=
  3. Which Script are you using? and I guess its black chins?
  4. Lol, or you just check the Client updates pages?
  5. Is it still possible to bot Hunter? I always get banned doing it..
  6. @erickho123's Scripts are awesome! I bot NMZ literally 24/7, no breaks. I've got 400+ hours proggies and no a single one of my accounts got a ban.
  7. TriBot is down at the moment, not a single script will work. Give it some time.
  8. You sir, need to calm your tits. No one wants to help someone with an attitude like that.
  9. I have the same, you have to change the email of your PayPal back to your old one during the transaction, you can easily select the main email on the PayPal website. You can ofcourse change it back after the purchase
  10. PMing you now
  11. You bot until you get banned, which basically means 24/7.
  12. ^ What he said. Stunalching is so clickactive, not a single human being is able to do that for longer than an hour!
  13. At what level did you start using the script? I guess you are just being lucky with the 37 hour proggy?
  14. Its probably the autoclicker man..