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  1. Hi all, getting back into farming what can you suggest in regards to Proxies,VPNS,VPS what is good at the moment?, thanks
  2. Hello botters new & old if anyone remembers me that's great! I used to bot and make youtube videos on the subject, i'm looking to come back into the botting scene was wondering if anyone could run me up to speed. Which proxies are best to use, i'm thinking about trialing some zulrah accounts as i see a nice script on here offering a 1 click regicide. Anyone have any suggestions or just wanna say hi. Hope everyone is well during these trying times.
  3. Tried that for 2 days :/ just sits in the bank for like 30 mins http://prntscr.com/j4uzu3
  4. https://gyazo.com/d369570afe67bb172b42ffde5823019e https://gyazo.com/744d25dfb73124e50fd5fa1ab453f867 As you can see in the first screenshot, kills show at 0 for the entire time, and the second screenshot shows the start bug, whereby it seems to start on minus 30k? its not any problem at all but its just something to look into! great script! running great so far
  5. Hey, really like the script, working perfectly, but could you look into the paint? its a bit buggy atm, some things work some dont, Kills show at 0 all the time. Trips are at 0 all the time? maybe it was with a recent update something broke? anyways, massive thank you for the effort put into this script! its amazing, any idea if in the future you will add support for unlimited auths?
  6. Discord server: https://discord.gg/ybURa9S - Use Code Tribot for 10% off your first order I do not use Skype. Feel free to send requests for anything you don't see listed & I shall get back to you with a quote for the said service
  7. Hence the lack of episodes, I've had my five minutes on yt. Happy botting y'all
  8. I also get this Authentication thing despite not having one. Sometimes it allows me to log in and other times by just putting a random character or number into the authentication box works fine. Hope this helps
  9. upon starting tribot you get an option of what java version you'd like to use. JDK = Java Development Kit (I believe) GL
  10. AGE THEM ACCOUNTS! I would suggest investing in an automation/muling/leveling path and supply chain script for 500m-1B! Best of luck on you're journey, we'll know you've made it when you stop posting GL GL
  11. I personally use Bottingvps.com check my signature.. Great pricing and great service.
  12. saulszinc

    Botting on a VPS

    I personally use the native ip of the VM/VPS but I do throwaway accounts mostly, I would say perhaps try one account on the native IP and one on a proxy? for throwaway accounts 2-3accounts per proxy is fine, if you're doing something more longterm then 1ip per account is ideal. GL
  13. INB4 Butta @Mute < Isn't cheap though so only serious requests.
  14. Welcome to Tribot B4ROT!
  15. I've personally only ever used AA & can't say anything bad about it. Would recommend.
  16. Glad to hear it! I hope it's going well for you? You hear that @TRiLeZ where's my cut? To summarise Prankxter, Oakdice obviously RWT"s & Skill Specs girlfriend owns a gold selling website called Divica Sales. But I feel it's not worth drawing attention to this as it's obvious for most of us at least the Oak Dice part & it comes across as the jealous ramblings of a small youtuber. It's kind of a catch 22 with a botting channel, I could show how to make 1B a month but it's not worth it you know? Back into the shadows Slightly off topic..... time for sleep.
  17. I've deleted the video as it'll do more bad than good for myself and others. Anyone who makes a living from RS or any game for that matter who doesn't Hack or Scam is both inspiring and enterprising in my opinion. Thanks for the feedback both good/sarcastic and bad non the less
  18. Now they can go to Divica sales and know they're supporting their favourite streamer
  19. I've shared previous videos with this community so I figured I would continue to do so.
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