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  1. ? SOS someone help me find what to use, anything lawl. DM me if you have a heart
  2. The bot down ? Doesn't grab the gear when im trying to make a profile for it. Just stays at the red X's
  3. Dope, wish me luck bought this ish again cause its so good <3
  4. question, if it gets pet does it pick it up and bank it?
  5. My last hours of my 2 weeks amazing bot will buy again for a month next time .
  6. Another small progg, The bug i said didn't happen in the last 5 hours :/ so like i said.. its very rare, I would say its worth the money
  7. not a prob ill clip it next time i see it, like i said its rare and ill be honest its not a huge deal to me. im like 900 kills from 0 deep an only died a hand full of times
  8. by this its rare ive only noticed it a few times (pretty much the only way ive died :/)
  9. Update I notice on some kills from switching to mage gear the bot doesn't equipped the Trident and just the shield :/ an it tries to kill without having a wep on, and ignores eating and dies that way.
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