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  1. Ok so that was hard to understand but what im hearing is you want to 1hp Absorp method without overloads?
  2. Range with broad bolts and a rune cross bow Shit isnt CRAZY exp but its not like i'm doing it myself.. haha
  3. Some how my NMZ pro pic is messed up haha All the exp gained is fucked
  4. Found a small flaw with the script, It types hard/norm to slow so the person selling doesn't see before the trade is done, Just a small thing, but yea
  5. I don't have any running I just turned on my PC? and no one (Atleast no one should) have my account info.
  6. Yay <3 Right before I sleep thank you ! Hope you had a bomb ass day bro/
  7. :/ Doesn't accept trade Q_Q but at least it still drinks pots <3 just no afking at work or sleeping till fixed
  8. -.- is there a way to get refunded then.. cause aint no body have money for another script
  9. I have owned the script for about a year :/ and just starting today its saying this to me : The script is prem so I don't know why its telling me this msg :/.. um I don't know if its client or script error but doesn't hurt to ask.
  10. I was talking about prem scripts and now. I cant even run those.. Lol.
  11. I agree with buying VIP but its kinda hard when they don't take paypal and all the people who do.. don't have codes. X_X
  12. thing is I didn't have one open. it was a bug. Its fixed now though.
  13. went to .tribot deleted it all , and re downloaded ,and it worked thanks bae