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  1. sane90

    Ban while developing scripts

    Ooh bullied soul trying to revenge the world through internet.
  2. sane90

    Ban while developing scripts

    Yo internet bully, why do you need to comment every single thread? Trying to gain post count perhaps?
  3. @Alias Perhaps tagging the right person @TRiLeZ instead of trillz or trilz helps you out.
  4. sane90

    Writing private scripts [Beating prices]

    I can warmly recommend him as well.
  5. Incorrect. The script has some functions that are not working. You must be using method that works. I am using safespotting which clearly is not working in my spot. I switched to non safespotting and ran overnight with no problems on four different accounts.
  6. @kelthstone "Log out when out of food" is your problem. Untick that if you want it to bank for more food man. Log out when out of food is only used when you are not willing to bank and want account to log out and stop script when your inventory doesn't contain any of chosen food.
  7. I know you are just trying to help. Just letting you know that I have been here for over two years and been using this script for two years as well. I know where to start when troubleshooting. Thanks anyways.
  8. The bot debug down there is not from AIO fighter, aAgility maybe? Looks like the script is trying to go to the tile you chose to be the safe spot tile. Script used to only use minimap when clicking back to the safe spot tile but @Tri updated it so it more often uses screen to get back to the wanted tile. That have been causing troubles for me. Similar to the your situation where it tries to click the tile but there's something between and it is unable.
  9. @Usa Getting stuck on the first room. After clicking the door it continues normally.