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  1. Giving it a go. These accounts make a good pile of bars before inevitable ban tomorrow when Weath comes back from his Holiday. Thanks for the script!
  2. @erickho123 Does the script stop and log out if account happens to run out of coins?
  3. Let me know. EDIT: Bought
  4. That bird just hanging around with you.
  5. You alright? Last visited over month ago.

  6. He probably meant that proxies reduces banrates incase your home IP happened to be flagged for massbotting or something. Proxies just splits your bot army into separate IPs so all the accounts wouldn't get banned incase one will. Proxies aren't some kind of magic trick that secured your accounts. If you bot, you will get banned at some point, hopefully not at the early stages. All we can do is hope they lasted long enough.
  7. @erickho123 Any change to only create accounts? Not to solve the tutorial island? Thanks for your effort.
  8. Stick to virtual support, not virtual douchebag.
  9. The last billion from me, on the house!
  10. For me it seems to reset the profit per hour after banking. I guess the same is happening for you too, previously looted items are in bank though?
  11. @daxmagex In Priest in peril quest you need to kill the guard dog with melee right? What kind of melee stats on 1 def pure you reckon is required to kill the dog? I remember ranged or mage wasn't option when fighting the guard dog. Correct me if I am wrong please.
  12. My problems was solved by also installing java JRE, I previously only had java JDK. Now that I also installed jre it suddenly started working lol.
  13. @Rohm Which internet browser are you using? I prefer Chrome but it no longer supports java.
  14. Let me know if you managed to get it working. I had LG working well on my old pc, then bought new better one and cannot get the thing working no more. I have the following done: 32 bit java JDK 8 with the latest update Osbuddy Pre-Installed the whole Tribot folder Run the things in following order: Open Tribot, Open non-LG client, closed that client, open Osbuddy and wait till downloaded, open LG client. -> "No runescape client was found" every single time. Tried preinstalling everything, still no match. Meh, been using regular client for now..