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  1. Don't play RS anymore... Lol
  2. Legendary Community - Taking Gaming to the next level. Projects on the way are LegendaryApparel and LegendaryGaming. Join now! - http://legendary.community/

  3. I'm ataraxia from PB...

  4. I usually sleep about 4-5 hours a night. I go to bed around 4-5 AM each night. What about you mates?
  5. Yeah, same happens @ Powerbot, they have thousands of dollard run through the market everyday. They also allow account selling, and Sponsors almost never Scam unless they are ScamQuiting, and they can only get away with one transaction scam before they are reported and banned. That's how a community is suppose to work, and I bet that's how this one is run.
  6. 10 transactions @ one time is to ridiculous to even think about man. Seriously. Also $700 is a bit high for this kinda stuff mate.
  7. Not easy to come up with the money the Powerbot charges for their Sponsor rank. You could scam one time, and not get 1/4 for what it costs there.
  8. Alright, just wondering.
  9. Talking about torrents, and such stuff? Allowed or not?
  10. It lasts for ever?
  11. How so? Only douche bags Scamquit. BTWs I know how this stuff works, I am an active member on PB. I was only asking because I have Sponsor status on PB, and it makes it nice that I don't have to buy it every month any more.
  12. LOL, good movie.
  13. Sad day.... An infinity sub would be nice.
  14. I was wondering if there would be the ability to stack the VIP Sub, or maybe do a buy like PB where you can buy Sponsor for a large sum of money?
  15. Lol, ok. Mine is actually almost any type of cheesecake, not just plain.