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  1. no, dont tell me what i did and didnt get banned on i used this script only for a month and it got me banned...idiot.
  2. GOT BANNED...dunno why because ive done everything right with breaks, checking up, max of 8 hours a day botting. i suppose the misclicking problem mightve been bigger than expected.
  3. the bot is having much trouble for me clicking a yak, it will missclick like twice nefore getting it, also i feel like the script is like super slow im geting like 47kxp an hour. and i dont believe it has anything to do with my computer or internet so please try to help me with this problem
  4. ya i understand that im going to be like maxing 9 hours a day but like the randomness and the intervals and durations of the breaks is what confuses me
  5. Whats the best option for the break handler? i wanna do it fr combat training so obviously im ganna need long sessions in a day but the thing that stumps me is the "randomness". wtf do i set it to lmao
  6. lol i have no clue wtf u just said but i believe its the client, i stopped using it because it was saying random shit and i ended up getting trade requested by some dude (thank God i was babysitting) lol
  7. so its only a password for editing your account details? it provides no security for your account details?
  8. Hey guys i just wanted to know what exactly is the encryption key and how do i use it as well as can i honestly trust tribot with my account details?(i know of other past botting sites that hacked my bro lol) please help me out i would greatly appreciate it
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