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  1. Looks awesome, will start using it soon.
  2. Sometimes it gets stuck next to the door and it just keeps clicking right mouse button but still loving it hahah
  3. 12:10:00 https://gyazo.com/7d591085cb9d1a7635e86ffcda4f50a1 ( Im using 15 minutes breakes every hour, when i didnt use breakes i got 1200+ a hour.) I love the script , it does sometimes get stuck and just right click the shit out of it hahaha.
  4. I still need them tho
  5. Well... The title says all.. Cheers!
  6. fishing lobbies @ fishing guild this morning
  7. i try but the randoms need to be solved...
  8. woow everybody just says the same thing not even reading the forum. If they just read 1 post back they already see it. so sad.. still love ur script
  9. died so mach !... i need to bank the chins every hour before i lose them cuz i die..
  10. i got alot of chars on wc 24/7 non if them is banned. and if been doing it for over 2 weeks now
  11. what is the non-member world and the member world >?