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  1. Can you stop it from attacking the hobgoblins..? or make it run away if its getting attacked by a hobgoblin. Cheers.
  2. pktreat

    [Outdated] All in one support thread.

    Stuck on getting latest client revision..? Anyone know how to fix this.
  3. pktreat

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    Does it use ABCL10 for definite? how do you enable this or is it automatic?
  4. pktreat

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    temp ban today. Not sure how as i was botting in a location not many people know and im 90% sure there was noone around or speaking in the chat when i was banned.. Not sure if this is a script issue as it seems alot of people are getting banned reading the comments?
  5. script isnt working, says the scripts painting method is causing the client to freeze..
  6. pktreat

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    still not working...
  7. pktreat

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    has the issue been fixed yet?
  8. pktreat

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    Hey bot doesnt seem to be working after recent rs update. its attacking one monster then before its even killed it attacking another, so it will have 2 on the go and then can't do it because its already being attacked,, training at hill giants.
  9. pktreat

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    yeah im getting the no xp gained for 5 minutes error too. Had it 5/6 times today
  10. pktreat

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    keeps ending after 5 mins..
  11. pktreat

    TRiBot Release 9.04_0

    log in bot is not working past pvp warning?