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  1. This is nice to hear! Having to use a different one for the progressive leveling atm so would help a lot along with the saves. Kind of a pain with the unlimited option purchased without it xD. Please keep the mouse speed randomizer there though <3
  2. Personally I wouldn't recommend a lot of the advertised VPSs on the rsmarket, but if you would like some help choosing one feel free to PM me with Skype I'll help you out! There's a pretty large performance difference in many of them.
  3. Is there a recommended items list of sorts for the progressive mode?
  4. May give this a go later and leave some feedback~. Curious to how it functions
  5. Can it withdraw all items? I recorded the process, but it keeps saying attempt count=0 then 1,2,3 until it stops trying. It withdraws 1 with a left click instead of right clicking to withdraw all.
  6. Looks very interesting. I'll give this a go!
  7. Big meany. I'm still paying moreeee
  8. In case it helps~ Is what he's referring to I believe.
  9. Lol haha. Yes I'm paying over the ge price by a bit. Currently found someone, but might look for more in the future!
  10. Description: A muling script. To be discussed how exactly the process will go and what is possible, but we will work something out for sure!Payment Amount: Up for discussion going by how/what method can be used for the process along with script completion time.Time: Flexible, but sooner the better.Additional: I'm a serious buyer and isn't looking to waste time. Please send me a message or post below with Skype and I will add you. Thank you.
  11. o_o that's weird. I guess give it a bit longer or wait for Tri~. Received my 150+ credits instantly when I paid with BTC (coinbase). Not sure if that's relevant. Hope it's resolved soon!
  12. Any plans to fix the issues mentioned above ^^ and add an unlimited/lifetime option?
  13. Basically the title! PM me or comment below prices/amt thanks.
  14. I haven't run more than 1 at a time so no idea, but haven't had it happen yet.
  15. Here's a bit of a proggy. Not that long, but kept up at a decent profit/h at 60m stack. https://gyazo.com/2ff62d66052adc97658f5e40bb42525c