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  1. Hi mate do you mind sharing your method ? I'm at 50 so doing fally to 60 on my lvl 3 skiller. I've been banned before at seers with this script so was unsure about doing it again
  2. Hey, I'm not having much luck trying to find a script with the features fishing and cooking trout/salmon in barbarian village- is there one out there? Thanks
  3. fixed by leaving the house and re-entering in build mode
  4. fixed itself.. please close
  5. ban hammer 40 - 64 agility over 3 days no more than 2 hours at a time with manual breaks
  6. nice script! what do people tend to do at 50 ? fally ? or canafis to 53 then wild or just canafis to 60? Thanks
  7. why is this script so slow? slow reactions, takes 30minutes to complete 1 gnome course, afk's for about 20minutes....... even though ive turned off all this shit help please
  8. Hey bro, I've tried everything your guide says. Still doesn't work any help?
  9. got me a ban after 3 games, also it never puts me back in a single player dream I always come back to being at the re spawn spot
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