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  1. @warfront1 Much thanks for providing us with this free content. it's pretty much flawless. I will suck your dick if you fix stringing bows with the new UI also Daddy
  2. Returned to OSRS 2 weeks ago and had this script that I'd bought 2 or so years ago. Today I got a 48 hour after less than 800k exp over 5 days. be careful.
  3. Talker

    [Currently Sold out]

    buying 2 bonds thanks!
  4. For some strange reason mine seems to think the "Tree Spirit" is a random and consistently runs away from it making me look extremely bot like Any idea on the cause?
  5. Hey, Is their any ETA to when Abyss pouch repair will be avalible for use with regular crafting ? Thanks in advance. - Talker
  6. Hi, I'm trying to run the script and make lava runes I just had a few questions, how can I set it to use magic imbue versus earth talismans? Also its telling me this picture () what can I do to fix this?
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