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  1. Thanks guys:) One more question, should i create fresh account on that new proxy, or can i use old account previously created on my home IP? Also if an account gets banned on one proxy, should i stop using this proxy then?
  2. Hey guys I've been botting on my home IP for few years now and it was all good for last like 10 months, but now i started getting banned on my quite fresh accounts using the same method, which maked me wondering if my IP got flagged so i bougth a VPN service and created new account with IP from different country and after few days i still got banned on that account:/ Will proxy be somehow better then VPN or it wont change anything?
  3. Hey, i think ever since the last update there is a problem where the script instead of withdrawing things from bank clicks on enable/disable :"always set placeholders"
  4. True, im just warning that they are monitoring alkharid warriors more
  5. Guys do you think bot is safer if i dont fletch or alch, only log out when waiting for plants? i been doing this for like 3 weeks on 2 acc and no ban yet. Or do u think it doesnt matter and its all about luck?
  6. Hello how does it work with ur mule was he never banned? Also do u transfer cash/materials everyday to the same mule from all ~40 accounts or how u do it? And concerning the bots if for example i botted for 20hrs and they didnt ban my bot during 4-8am can i bot it for the next 20 hrs without risk of getting banned or should i transfer all items to my mule and leave that bot to suecide botting?
  7. Frog is broken, also it does molly fine, but after it tele out of it (molly) it ends scripts.
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