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  1. Neither of those work unfortunately. On the user panel the script is under my active subscriptions but not my active scripts so there is no view page button, however on the scripts page there is no deactivate button, they are all activate. I tried activating and then deactivating again to see if it would go away but that didn't work either.
  2. I have an active subscription to Spiker AIO Woodcutter from back in 2014. Is there a way to remove this subscription? It's beginning to bug me. I can't click on the deactivate button since I can no longer see it on the repo.
  3. Draynor small net is working perfectly for me at least.
  4. I did think it should work like that at first, that was why I was confused but I guess it makes sense either way.
  5. Wow, how did I miss that. Thanks guys
  6. RSPlayer[] foundPlayer = Players.findNearest(Filters.Players.nameEquals(name)); if (foundPlayer.length > 0) { if (foundPlayer[0].isOnScreen() && foundPlayer[0].isClickable()) { if (foundPlayer[0].click("Trade")) { While debugging this code, the foundPlayer matches the player with the correct name. However foundPlayer[0].click("Trade") seems to click trade on player on top of the list which is not always the foundPlayer. Is there a way to avoid this?
  7. I'm also getting Banking.IsInBank returning false when right next to a bank booth in Edgeville bank
  8. I'm experiencing the same thing, hopefully this will be fixed soon. Something else I'm noticing, are the stats broken for anyone else? For example on paints. Various scripts are showing no experience gained, for example Elite Chopper Pro
  9. I'd much prefer this. There is no need to have two RS clients on my pc
  10. No problem, I finished using all the bones I bought but I should have mentioned it then. It would have been interesting to know how many bones I'd lost to death not just saved from altar, see if it evens out
  11. I have to agree with everyone, it does not log out to prevent PKers. No matter what gear they have, dds/gmaul/magic short/ rune c'bow absolutely anything
  12. What a beautiful human being, thanks ?
  13. I'm getting that too, sometimes it's really bad and I can't get it to bank or other times it's good for a couple of runs. Longest run so far is about 30 minutes
  14. If I run a script with nothing but Combat.getWildernessLevel() in the run method, I get the following, unless there is something I have to do to set up the method?
  15. Sweet, I'll give it another test run tomorrow. A (maybe) crazy idea I had earlier, was instead of teleporting back to edge or whatever. To teleport outside of wildy, we could go north east to the Chaos Fanatic NPC I think it was, die on purpose which will get us outside of wildy, then get bones and use amulet to get back. That way we would technically do 28 bones per run if we wear the burning amulet
  16. Just ran some more tests, if I stand at the altar and start the script (2948, 3820) then it will have status null. If I walk away from the altar and start it then walks back to the altar even though I have no bones. No matter what I can't seem to get it to go to the bank after using all the bones
  17. Just had a quick go of this, a couple of notes It only withdrew 25 bones, I still had room for one more. Could wear one of the amulets for an extra slot In one attempt it clicked on the altar multiple times, immediately cancelling the altar action There was also a guy just hopping world to world that would keep killing me for my bones, this script doesn't seem to stand a chance against pkers. I might have just been unlucky with my timing though EDIT: When I finally got a full inventory done, it just stood there. When I restarted it still standing next to the altar it just stood there with a status of null
  18. This a great tutorial, big thanks to @Naton for the guide and @laniax for some of the code
  19. Oh my days, I'm a complete jackass. There are 1000 ms in a second not 100.. But yeah I'm using a timing condition now, thanks for the help guys.
  20. Showing my hand as a Java noob here, when do I do that exactly? If I do it after the sleep is interrupted it shows nothing interesting. An exception is not thrown either. I just realised that I should probably not be using abc sleeps while waiting for smelting to finish anyway.
  21. What can cause ABCUtil#sleep to prematurely exit the reaction time given? I know that is a huge reaction time, it was given to try get a reasonable sleep. Mouse is not moving or anything in the client to throw the exception. vars.abcUtil.generateTrackers(vars.abcUtil.generateBitFlags(162000)); final int reactionTime = vars.abcUtil.generateReactionTime(vars.abcUtil.generateBitFlags(162000, 0, 0)); try { System.out.println("Smelting reaction, sleeping for: " + reactionTime); vars.abcUtil.sleep(reactionTime); } catch (final InterruptedException e) { } System.out.println("Finished sleeping");
  22. Surely autoclickers get banned pretty quick
  23. Very nice, roughly how many bones does this do per hour?
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