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  1. Would it possible to add dragon axe special? Also, I just caught it trying to click a tree while moving so it misclicked, then chose a different tree and did the same to that tree, it just kept repeating that. It also just sat at the bank screen after depositing, had to jump start the walking back to trees.
  2. Dayumm, nice.
  3. I've once has randoms like every 10/20 minutes, nothing happened, not even getting sent to bot world. I think it just depends on what you are doing are how "hot" it is for bots.
  4. Some scripts are premium so you pay for that script, but you don't have to be VIP to use that script since you bought it. Also some scripts are monthly, some are lifetime, you just have to check beforehand.
  5. Me too, no matter what script, it just doesn't break. Description of the bug (be specific): Doesn't break How often the bug occurs: All the time Triggers of the bug (if known): Java version: JDK 7u65 Max Heap Size: 256 TRiBot client version: 9.136 Operating System: Windows 8 64 bit Script Name: All TRiBot Old-School or RS3: Old-School EDIT: Guys, updated to Java 8 and it's now breaking, by any chance are all of you guys on Java 7?
  6. No way, this would be awesome!
  7. Yeah I agree, if you always constantly hop straight away, that will be pretty bot like, but if you stay for a bit, you get watched more.
  8. Yeah which is why I wish Visual Studio did Java, I'm not sure I even like the idea of using two different IDEs for different languages. Screw it, gonna give IntelliJ a try. If Eclipse is better for plugins, what plugins do people have? I had a quick look and can't really see any that I would really need.
  9. You actually switching to hill giants or just waiting to see how long for ban?
  10. Mostly it's just the ban rate that puts me off Powerbot. Also the forums come across as greedy for some reason.
  11. I guess I might try them both, just wish Visual Studio natively supported Java.
  12. I agree, I've got 3 2200+ total mains due to that era.
  13. Because you get a general feel of which I am more likely to like more. I guess I could have originally said why do you prefer the application too.
  14. I was just wondering what you guys prefer to use for Java programming? I'm used to Visual Studio due to me being a C++ programmer, but that doesn't seem to support java natively. EDIT: And why?
  15. Is there any chance of support for clues in Canafis? Also the path to HAM from Lumbridge, seems to use two spots in the castle instead of going around, not sure if that is a client thing or script thing though.