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  1. Hey guys, I really need 89 cents for the 2 dollar script qqq chins, if you guys could help me out I promise I pay back after I bot for awhile. Thanks everyone Paypal : [email protected] Skype: Live:renkey1
  2. really? not on my script i got you added on skype but you never answer you should double check your right on that
  3. that's only 1 item, as i said say I had a axe fishing rod and a sword. I want it to drop all the fish if i do drop alll except the fishing rod it drops my axe and sword
  4. no because say i got a axe knife, and sword and i want it to drop all of the fish. if i use that option it drops my knife and sword but not axe
  5. What am I supposed to do and ice woorgen do you got skype?
  6. Yesterday mid afternoon i purchased the 5$ mx rock crab killer script. I have not been able to use this once seeing as whenever I start the script it freezes my whole tribot and paint or nothing loads. I then cannot click and am forced to restart my cpu. I am requesting a refund
  7. ill give u 1m
  8. Edit: can pay back when possible thanks
  9. IF anyone could please lend me 73 cents it be very apreciated , paypal [email protected]
  10. There is now a new random with mysterious man were all he asks is woudl you like to be teleported to maze or not and all you do is select no please fix client random
  11. ye new randoms failing