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  1. Saw this on the old school runescape subreddit, thought you guys would be interested: Anyone else think he's totally bluffing on the whole "we have weekend staff working to combat staff" crap just to save face in front of his angry customers? Anyone whos ever run a weekend bot farm knows there almost zero chance of ban until monday
  2. Don't you still get human mouse data without VIP-E if you've submitted your own mouse data? I haven't had VIP-E ever but my client still tells me it's loaded human mouse data
  3. I swear human hosts are the biggest fucking nerds. They bitch and moan about bots taking their busniess but they have the nerve to charge DOUBLE what bots charge. I'm currently only using this bot for combat on a single account but I'm tempted get vip and make another booster just to piss them off
  4. kelek

    Mod Weath / Homework

    Totally forgot about this thread. For the record, the NMZ host did end up getting banned weeks later because I got greedy and botted during weaths hours. IMO, botting nmz hosts is very safe when weath isn't online as it seems like he has to manually visit nmz and ban them himself.
  5. I'll keep pointing fingers because I have proof. You were the one who flamed me and called me an idiot for pointing out this behavior in your script. You denied it. Then when I proved it with a video you want to call me childish? LOL. Here you are DENYING the fact that your script has any input whatsoever, then calling me an idiot for implying it
  6. You said your script is 0% ban rate when it clearly is coded to move the mouse for you when you set it up. Obviously this statement was false - as much as you don't want to admit.
  7. I'd like a refund too, as I was also perm banned for using only this script and no other. At first I wasn't even going to bother, but since he insists I'm an idiot for daring to imply his script isn't perfect I'm requesting it out of principal. Here's a youtube video I made proving his script does add input into the game even though he claims it doesn't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_gRzxHaEoE Thread I made on the topic here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/58958-proof-that-worthys-zulrah-helper-script-does-add-input-into-the-game-that-can-get-you-banned-not-0-ban-rate/ Bottom line: His script is false advertising. He claims it has a 0% chance of ban, but that clearly is impossible if it adds it's own inputs into the game. This is a script players use on their legit accounts. Even if the script had only a .01% chance of ban, a LOT of users would have avoided the script.
  8. Doesn't even flick rapid heal, what a joke. If you're thinking of buying this don't bother, should have spent an little extra and bought eriks script
  9. Only going first to trusted members ty
  10. It really goes to show how automated and loophole filled the bot detection system is
  11. if you have rsgp you can use that to buy 2 credits from somebody
  12. Are you sure you clicked the link in your email that they sent you?
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