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  1. Hi, I am wondering if the spyglass function would work on an identical to osrs server like Zenyte for example. It also uses a runelite like function. Is anyone here willing to try it please? And if it works I'l buy VIP. That would be amazing. I only want it to kill npcs, loot, bank and eat.. Anyone know if this would work? Here is a picture of how the server looks.
  2. Hello, I am currently learning java. I have gotten quite far with java and I think it is time to start learning how to make scripts. Where do I even begin? It feels like there should be a complete guide somewhere now. Appreciate all help that is given
  3. Hi, I am going to start learning how to make bots. Would it be okay to use Tribot for my personal use, like to create my own uniqe scripts and mainly use them for myself. I do not intend on releasing what I create. Is tribot an open system like that? So I can use it the way I chose? Or do I need someones confirmation before I can start making scripts for my own personal use?
  4. Hey guys, I think I'm gonna start making bots. I am taking a java course now. I am just wondering how do you test your bots? Like do you make a new account, buy member and test it out until it gets banned ? Do you have like a private server where you can test the bot or something ?
  5. I can confirm what some people are saying, I came back and my account was also logged out without a message. Could you take a look dude ? Thank you.
  6. Hey I wanna buy 15 credits, I'm paying in rsgold.
  7. I had these break times and just left it on with it.
  8. The best thing about Laniax (script maker) is that he is active on discord and if you find something wrong he fixes it within 1-2 days sometimes withing hours. So it's really amazing that way. I did 99 thieving with it and it was messy at some points so i told Laniax and he always fixed it. By now it should be very stable. So try it dude. Try the 5 hours trial
  9. Hi there community, I decided since a lot of people ask me what scripts I used and how I did to avoid ban for so long to share my secrets. I won't be botting anymore since I recieved my 2 days ban recently. Here are my stats and bann report: This account was created 1500 days ago but it had been a level 3 up until the moment I started botting 24th of december. I started playing runescape and just decided to become a 1 def pure since I was not going to play by hand and I didn't wanna risk botting to much because I have been banned in the past (2015/16 some time) I started with a simple auto clicker and got my mage up, I purchased gold from gold4rs. I did mage first and quests These stats were from quests and from using trials on bots, 5 hours on aAgility and a little here and there on some other stuff..... I kept on going with optimus combat at sand crabs: I didn't recieve a bann so I thought hmm how far can I go. Decided to get some more bots and 45 defence to boost the xp rate. I went on like this for a while : And from here on I just kept on with NMZ to maximize my combat stats. and some other stats: I always quested like once a day or so just to keep myself active. My quest points are currently 262 with 3 quests left for quest cape. Eventually I got this far: SCRIPTS I Used Combat stats: optimus combat to a decent combat level To maximize the stats I did NMZ with Exnightmarezone Agility: aAgility ( extremely good script, apropu makes insane scripts) Mining: aminer Smithing: nSmither on anvil (A lot safer than blast furnace according to me) Herblore: nherblore trial + quests Fishing: Auto fisher pro barbarian fishing. Thieving: Lan thiever, master farmer to 55 and from there blackjacking all the way to 99. cooking: Sigma cooker (wines, insane script but old but still ) Prayer: by hand crafting: by hand firemaking: autowintertodt ( INSANE SCRIPT) You can leave it on and on and the dude who makes those scripts along with auto fisher is just really really good. Magic to 99 : Optimus combat, had a few bugs from time to time but I made it work. Did stun alch from 80-99 and regular alching from 55-80 fletching by hhand Woodcutting: Einstein woodcutter Rc: quests Slayer: a little bit of optimus combat and rest for hand Farming: Tithe farming minigame (Same creater as auto fisher and wintertodt) Now the thing about this script is that it is fucking INSANE It NEVER STOPPED FOR ME and just amazing, I should have gotten Fu***ng 99 while I was at it but I settled for elite diary achievement with boost.... Construction: W constructor, kinda tricky to get it to work but after yelling at the script releaser he finally gave me some decent instructions. But that script was also good, specially with dungeon oak doors. Hunter I did by myself unfortunately. Scripts that are needed is the stats I did not bot. I always got my money from Food4rs and a few mills from botting... (not moneymaking bots, only the ones mentioned) /// I got my first bann after 1 hour of using blast furnace and I think it's because I started doing money making, up until that moment I had never been banned by any other script. alright this isn't the most detailed guide but just leave a question down below or something. Goodluck .-
  10. Absolutely amazing script! This script got me from 50 to 99 firemaking, insane script. You can leave it on forever and it won't stop. Just amazing. And firemaking xp is super fast, 99 took me like 3-4 days. Insane insane. Thank you for this script !
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