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  1. I want to use this bot but every time I turn it on it signs in my account and then immediately logs out. I currently am on a a fresh account and am trying to fish shrimp in the desert.
  2. Question, I used to bot a long time ago and i'm currently using the master aio chopper bot. Now that i try to open a new tab to a second account it ask's me to become vip? But if I just open the tribot client again i can run a second script. So to ask my question can jagex see that i'm on two different accounts and ban them both? (p.s. back when I botted a while ago I could just open unlimited tabs)
  3. I am just killing them. What do you suggest the combat range to be set to?
  4. Okay so I have my bot setup at Falador cows. And after killing maybe 3 cows it just runs to the crafting guild and tries to get in until it logs out for being out of combat for 10 minutes.....Could this be fixed please?