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  1. i 100% agree with what this guy said. If you want gold, just buy it. If youre trying to farm gold to fund your main youre going to have a bad time and potentially even get your main chain banned
  2. Use teletabs and jewlery teleports u shitter
  3. If you did tut island on a proxy that wasnt a resi proxy youre gonna hjave a bad time
  4. I was running the script with about 35 client paint delay and noticed that occasionally the script will fail when banking. I normally wouldnt report something thats more than likely caused by user error but It seems like something that could be fixed pretty easily. It will right click on the bank booth and get stuck hovering over where it would left click, but doesnt actually click. Heres a gif of me mimicking what it does https://photos.app.goo.gl/wKPMiwMkw33fHKKq7
  5. gimme 2 more days. Ended up doing family stuff the last two days and only got a few hours around the computer over the weekend lmao
  6. No, you still use a proxy to bot, but completing tutorial island on a proxy even if its by hand tells jagex ur a bot.
  7. Haha, All my scripts are free and the script will also be free. If you don't bot on your main the risk of your main getting banned is... less Although Jagex is kind of weird about accounts that interact with bots I know a few people who have used bots to run essence and all the bots got banned and not their mains but its still kinda sketchy imo
  8. Im actually going to be writing a script that does this during this upcoming week.
  9. if you complete tutorial island on a datacenter proxy you will get banned 999/1000 times
  10. You would be better not doing tutorial island on a proxy
  11. I mean the scripts I use in the series are only ones im confident arnt absolute shit. If you join my discord (and in the description of each video) I link to which scripts i used in that video
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