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  1. Botting - trading mules effect ban-rate?

    rip your fallen soldier
  2. "Have you ever thought about adding a 1 instance limit to lifetime auths" "no, and by the way you dont want to do that either, you think you do, but you dont"
  3. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    They dont do rollbacks
  4. New changes to tribot.

    Wow rewarding loyal tribot users for having to pay more for the same service is a great business model. I only buy scripts from scripters who actually keep their scripts updated to start with and are as good as they could be.
  5. "there is more than enough time to turn a profit" Not everyone is a goldfarmer and thats the point.
  6. New changes to tribot.

    Its not a benifit to a user to pay more money for the same product that was already purchased and working.
  7. Actually no, admins said no more lifetime scripts, but that wasnt enough, now apparently now lifetime/unlimited doesn't mean that. I'd be fine if it were to go for everything from this point forward, but going oh your "lifetime" auth isn't lifetime anymore is whats upsetting.
  8. Lifetime duration and unlimited instances for a one off fee, no monthly auths and you can grow your farm to whatever size! not allowed anymore
  9. New changes to tribot.

    Now that I think about it even rsbuddy before it became osbuddy grandfathered older users in and made the new rules only apply to new users because its the right thing to do.
  10. New changes to tribot.

    That's really what it is for me. I feel robbed. Agreed'd on a price, payed it, and now im being told "oh it doesn't matter what was agree'd on." Even with my phone company I'm still grandfathered in on a phone plan thats no longer offered from years ago. Most companies respect that and follow a grandfather policy/clause I've really become a fan of Tribot and recommended it to a handful of people, but this has kind of skewed my perception of it and personally keeps me from wanting to buy any more scripts at all knowing that all my previous unlimited/lifetime auths are in time going to just be nonexistent.
  11. Its REALLY disappointing to see lifetime auths go. A better solution that actually seems fair is put lifetime auths limited to 1-3 instances, it stops the script from being catered to goldfarmers and letting them make ungodly amounts of money with such a small investment to start with. The only reason Ive purchased any scripts is because they were lifetime auths. Auto Fisher Pro Encoded 1 3 aMiner v2 [PREMIUM] Aropupu 1 3 JJ's AIO Fighter Pro J J 1 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ aAgility v2 Aropupu Unlimited 1 Master Thiever AIO Druid Unlimited 1000 ( id be 100% fine if the instances were lowered for the two with unlimited auths that ive purchased and instances per auth I'm pretty sure the majority of people who bot either do it on less than five accounts, or run farms. I have no problem supporting the devs and paying them for their work and I know that scripts no longer offer lifetimes auths, but I completely disagree with removing old auths that were supposed to be lifetime. Adding more instances is understandable if the staff feels that gold farmers are making too much money with such a little deposit, but if you look at almost any other business they keep people who bought something that was supposed to be "lifetime", grandfathered in.
  12. TRiChickens

    chickens dont quack........
  13. need 40-70 range

  14. Premium Script Subforum change

    https://tribot.org/forums/forum/128-premium-scripts/ Right now anyone can make a thread in that subforum but only staff can reply to it, it would be much nicer if only staff/scripters could create thread there.
  15. Runite ore in motherload mine

    Depends on your level. at 85 itll probably be like 1/40