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  1. This looks fucking dope. Good shit man.
  2. 10,000 USD per auth.
  3. You should probably post on the thread or something when you update. I havn't attempted to use it for months because it was broken*.
  4. @@J J Could you run a check to see if your target is already in combat while youre running towards your NPC/target instead of checking before you click?
  5. You have no idea how hyped I am at even the Idea of this.
  6. This script is great, I was wondering if you could add an option for re-equiping items when you die though(for leveling up new accounts)
  7. View>Runtime Information
  8. Would buying VIP-E for TriBot and private proxies make any difference, if so could you provide reasons on why you wouldn't go back to the free botting? Yes Keep in mind, this isn't 2011. I test scripts on a noob account before I dare use them on my main.
  9. hype hype hype I was wondering if this would ever come back!
  10. Hey @stewiekidz I've noticed in your scripts the mouse speed you set is INSANELY fast An average person is from maybe 80-115 movement speed
  11. You showed their username.
  13. Does Delta Miner support Client Starter? @TRiLeZ
  14. The best advise I ever got since jacmob had been part of the jagex team was, expect every account to get banned no matter what. If you don't get banned then you lucked out. tbh.. Not saying that everything gets banned, but starting off with simple goldfarming I slowly learned what works and what does, what scripts will get you banned instantly and which ones won't.