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  1. He's already been a confirmed scammer
  2. You know i seriously wonder what kinda crazy farms you run, you write some of the craziest shit
  3. adamhackz

    Mobile Bot

    Theirs is literally just an ahk script that runs in an emulator
  4. because venes manually spam report anyone whos not a vene lol
  5. Botting anywhere venes are is risky
  6. if afk'd on f2p accounts before. I've been banned on f2p accounts without even botting before. Theres 0 point in sitting in f2p for 24h instead of just botting quests.
  7. No reason to act like a baby because you're posting stupid shit like" 100% uNdEtEcTaBlE nEw MeThOD"
  8. yeah i second this. I used to be a die-hard LG supporter, but realisticly i havn't experienced big differences. in bans except on fresh accounts.
  9. I have my own Runecrafting script that I have yet to get a ban with, even in f2p
  10. Everyone already knows what Tribot is though we don't need more marketing. we need you to stop "fixing" stuff and then going afk without testing stuff first. Or maybe a dedicated developer/admin who will actually work on stuff instead of just marking 50+ bug reports as closed (thanks usa) and moving them somewhere else. maybe some LG support since the shit breaks every week and is riddled with bugs reported 6+ months ago(let's be real you're the main person who can fix that kind of shit) Tribots digital experience would be so much better by fixing the things that are the core to the client or user experience. Also hi raleys
  11. 1) Netami isn't the creator of nsmither. you're just too lazy to read the name of the script writer 2) just because you took some computer science classes doesn't mean you're a software engineer.. and if you were you could write your own smither and just not be lazy. 3) technically you can use daxs engine to walk local paths but most people havnt bothered to do that since the walker has been up for like 3 years with maybe 3 combined days of downtime Did you even ask for a refund? If you just bought it and havnt been able to use it I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to get a refund. I guess Amazon should stop being lazy and fix their servers right? Honestly fuck off you're an entitled little brat who claims he's a software engineer. go make your own scripts, and your own walker and stop being lazy.
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