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  1. Hey dude, grats on making enough to get a nice little pc setup. Don't worry about about buying an OS as you can easily pirate one, or literally just use free versions directly from Microsoft. I don't know if you plan on using it as your main computer or just a botting rig, but you can easily buy a cheap mouse/keyboard off amazon and a used monitor off craigslist for like 40 bucks
  2. adamhackz

    How delayed can a ban be?

    If you make it more than 24 hours you're probably fine. I got stuck spam clicking in a bank for 16 hours once and didnt get banned
  3. adamhackz

    Progressive Leather/Glass Crafter [Updated 10.8.2018]

    It doesn't support hard leather It supports normal leather for ftp and glass for members I never added anything to make it skip the leveled up message because if it has the supplies and isnt actively crafting it will start again
  4. adamhackz

    What's the thing you'd like to see the most?

    Oh one more thing(wouldn't let me edit post) Better support for the new banking osrs has with the withdraw 1, with draw x with 1 click options Came into an annoying issue where if you just do withdraw one of an item it trys to left click the item but ends up taking multiple out because the withdraw x amount is selected (Thinks like herblore for example) Withdraw 14 with one click withdraw 14 with one click using amulet of chemistrys but it breaks so you go to click once to withdraw a new one and it withdraws 14 of them instead of using the right click option "withdraw one"
  5. adamhackz

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    Having a it disabled by default with a description of the things its used for next to it other than just saying "Firewall" most people think firewalls are bad but tribots just breaks scripts if youre no there to allow it when it needs a connection
  6. adamhackz

    What's the thing you'd like to see the most?

    Client updates: Add the the map that makes it easier to map things and create areas/polys into the "tools" so its easier to find Under the help tap actually link to this or something Make it so the mouse overshoots/overturns the camera at times and then readjusts it instead of turning to whatever angle perfectly(im not sure if theres already a little variance but it doesnt look like it) Enable the option to actually do select randoms in tribot settings instead of leaving it upto the scripter to do stuff like genies(legit players will never ignore a genie) If possible being able to use looking glass and the bot overview would be really awesome but thats not a high priority thing Maybe make the break handler easy to use so its not based off runtime and based off time since last break or something like that since right now its not very noob friendly AT ALL Make it so the tribot worldhopper doesn't have to log out to hop worlds if you're already in game Forums/Repo
  7. adamhackz

    [Development] Netami's AIO Combat

    ayyy thats how I started making mine, was like oh shit need all these other little random thing's as i started doing other tasks lol
  8. adamhackz

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    Not worried about it, Used mine to get the outfit on my accounts, im not worried about someone else releasing something lol
  9. adamhackz

    Best Aio combat on tribot

    I use it for slayer tasks on my main account
  10. adamhackz

    Best Aio combat on tribot

    jj's auto fighter
  11. adamhackz

    Lazy Collector

    srry have to pay for the nSoftware Premium Battlepass
  12. adamhackz

    Lazy Collector

    Yeah I fucked something up with the upload, ill be uploading it shortly
  13. adamhackz

    Lazy Collector

    im calling the police