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  1. adamhackz


    Changed some walking statements to if statements and removed some unneeded code
  2. adamhackz


    I needed a script to afk some range levels on one of my new accounts. Ran it for about 4-5 hours with no issues, but the script definitely isnt perfect. Should work anywhere, although i used it at ogres If pathfinding determines you can reach the loot, it will pick up Torstal seeds, snapdragon seeds, ranarr seeds, long bones and curved bones and run back to your cannon Repo link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3227 Source: https://github.com/bolsilent/TRiBot/blob/master/aCannonClicker
  3. Realistically with 2/3 hours a day within a week you could start making basic scripts. If you have any progamming/coding knowledge at all you can make fairly basic scripts. Once you know java, learning to use an api is childs play for the most part. If you join the tribot discord and ask reasonbile questions (not just "why wont my script run1!?!?!?!") people are usually more than willing to give you a hand
  4. use gods pizza maker thing beg hasnt been active in years
  5. adamhackz


    added custom walking so u dont get dicked by chaos fanatic, changed logic up a little bit so it manually uses jewlery to avoid some dax walker bugs added some sleeps after the few daxwalker things that are left so i dont destroy the public keys
  6. r u telling me uve manually done hundreds of haunted mine fights and still not automated it? Im reporting u to the police
  7. adamhackz


    Thanks I actually have a bunch of stuff I have the code written for (hopping when skulled people are around, different death methods ect) But I figured i'd release it like this so people could let me know of any bugs they run into in the meanwhile.
  8. adamhackz


    aBoner Required: Charged ring of wealths, your bone type, burning amulets. use arguments such as "Dragon bones" , "Big bones" ect MAKE SURE TO SET YOUR PLAYER ATTACK OPTION TO HIDDEN Source: https://github.com/bolsilent/TRiBot/blob/master/aBoner https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3213
  9. That was because the scripter used something like Inventory.find(Filters.Items.nameContains()) Although this does look useful, I used something similar to this when I was writing a simple combat script
  10. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/172-script-dispute/ Tell trillez u want ur shit back
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