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  1. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3105-nmercher/
  2. PSA: I havnt had an agility ban in a year on a main account
  3. If you're going to go the proxy route (which is generally a smart idea) you could always give residential proxies a try, although I hear it doesn't make much difference other than for account creation. You're going to want to get a datacenter proxy or VPN service. There's a lot of different ones out there and a lot are flagged as fuck and will decrease the time your account stays alive if they get suspected of botting. I personally use proxy6 and have had good success with them If you want to give them a try I have a referral link to their website in my signature and a 5% off code which is "nINFGoeCgq"
  4. Ive had great success with aMiner, but in the video i was using nBlast furnace, (it gets you a coal bag)
  5. The survival rate for tutorial island accounts on datacenter proxies is less than 1% You'll have to find someone who sells residential created accounts or make them on your own IP unless you want to fork out a lot of money for your own residential ip's.
  6. Have you tried null checking your position as well as the tile? Fixed the walker nulling for me in my rc script such as return (Player.getPosition() == null || STUPID_TILE == null) ? false);
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