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  1. adamhackz

    AutoFisher Pro. WONT WORK AT ALL

    Mant people run successful minnow farms
  2. adamhackz

    Bank cleaner.

    Things like this need to be custom private scripts because the only use for this is stealing/scamming other people.
  3. adamhackz

    Appealing a 2 day ban

    Two days bans are given because they know you were botting but want to give you a second chance. since your account is not associated with gold farming. Don't blow it.
  4. adamhackz

    Help me banned after less than a day

    dont take this the wrong way but you need to learn to bot. Theres a lot of helpful tutorials. If you run 5 hours a day without breaks every day youll get banned insanely fast.
  5. adamhackz

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcyjm3ysqivdtce/Xmouse_data-135006-1529200922307.zip?dl=0 Its been a longtime since i submitted any data but heres 4 more! I hope its not a problem me only doing a few at a time, i aim to get the rest done of the next few days
  6. adamhackz

    Buy and Sell Script

    Most scripters here and on other sites charge like 50 dollars just for the service of writing the script and thats not counting how much youre paying for the code, thats just for having it custom made for you
  7. I mean Id have to agree, ever since I found out you can drag with mouse, I havn't ONCE use arrow keys to turn the camera
  8. adamhackz

    Can i edit to make a script faster?

    Do you have the scripts source?
  9. adamhackz

    Which Script for Max CB account

    zulrah over runecrafting unless you buy a private script
  10. adamhackz

    Permanent Scripts ??

    Well you can see what respectable businesses do when they realize they don't want to support that business model anymore https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/220515-i-purchased-lifetime-subscription-and-today-mb-is-telling-me-it-expires-tom/?do=findComment&comment=1210847 I mean if someone had spent thousands of dollars in scripts I wouldn't be surprised if someone could successfully file a lawsuit since there was no defining of "lifetime" and people were lead to believe it was their lifetime, but.. it is what it is. You'll continue to see the scripters who left or are lazy with updating because they think their scripts "work fine" praising the removal of the option to buy lifetime auths. The original thread has been locked As you can see 3/4 of the listed reasons for the change were gold farmers, so it's really lovely that instead of adding an instance cap to all scripts the decision was just "fuck em, then can buy it again"
  11. adamhackz

    Client Reset after vip purchase?

    Pretty sure you have to relog
  12. adamhackz


  13. adamhackz

    Accounts used to make scripts

  14. adamhackz

    [Free Add-on] Bot Supplier & Mule

    ay man I hope you're doing better now.
  15. adamhackz

    Pureleaf's private messenger