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  1. I love your work man
  2. You know, I tried it as soon as you had initially released the first version and ended up dicking both my accounts because I left them running overnight on accident, and usually after I have a bad experience with a script Ill never touch it again.. But this is different. I am excited for this.
  3. adamhackz


    Their detection system is alway srunning
  4. I mean you can get away with higher runtimes atm just because there's such a huge influx of players, and players that are playing longer hours
  5. Apply for scripter and then get accepted as scripter and then you can set scripts private
  6. I mean technically if they manually review your account they can ban you just because they feel like it typically anything past a week is fine
  7. ARKSlayer Pro Bug Report Form Description of the bug in your own words: killerw0ts task Using prayer was disabled because i dont have 43 prayer/ppots Script requires ppots, so just got stuck banking for a few hours instead of ending when there was no ppots in the bank Debug panel contents: https://pastebin.com/YEiKqjJx Task being completed: I believe it was killerwatts, my internet went out and the script ended Your equipment at the time: bone crossbow/rune armour Settings you were using (eg. Fairy Rings on? Prayer on? Special attacks on?): I had using prayer disabled but i guess the task requires ppots so it got stuck. Any other relevant information:
  8. Which task were you assigned, Lesser Demons or Crawling Hands? Lesser demons on one account, started it and it NPE'd saying it was missing required weapon or whatever Started it again and it worked fine no NPE and did the task Where did you start the script? Did it run from the bank to the spot correctly? Did it correctly identify the task (is your task Crawling Hands?) pic in the screenshot i started it at GE, it realized it had the right task but just walked to that place, after like 5 minutes it walked inside and attacked a crawling hand, killed it and went back outside to taht area What client are you using? Im using the normal tribot client no LG
  9. https://pastebin.com/fvrq4hhy got this my first time running it second time it worked fine nothing different between the two runes new task -> It attacks a crawling hand once and runs back here
  10. its about 4k every 15-20 seconds so yeah thats pretty good money
  11. The combination between this + fals clue scroll script makes my pp hard
  12. everyone uses discord these days
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