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  1. Yeah that's what I figured, the old version would download new updat s but when tribot switched to a new launcher it didn't update
  2. Uh, what version of Tribot are you on? I think you may be on a really old version. Does your launcher look like this?
  3. Which option are you picking when you start LG? Im not sure if it makes a difference but I dont do openosrs or advanced client or osbuddy I just press the normal Looking glass one
  4. Yes. If you want to double check you can right click on the LG tab and press view tab information
  5. 1) Snippets: [Source] (Link to thread) n/a 2) Tutorials: [Source] (Link to thread) n/a 3) Randoms/updates submitted: [Source] (Link to thread) n/a 4) Scripts available to the public: [Source] (Link to thread) (Not all my scripts have threads since most people primarily use Discord or the Repo only. 1) Progressive crafter (Soft Leather/Glass) source: https://github.com/bolsilent/TRiBot/blob/master/ProgressiveCrafter Thread: Repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2842 2) Progressive bowstringer source: https://github.com/bolsilent/TRiBot/blob/master/aBowStringer thread: repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3268 3) aCannonClicker source: https://github.com/bolsilent/TRiBot/blob/master/aCannonClicker repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3227 5) Short biography / Coding Experience: [1-2 short paragraphs] So I first started writing scripts in 2013 and honesty I had no knowledge whatsoever of what scripting meant, and wrote my first piece of code in a notepad text file. The first working piece of code I wrote was an amazing 25 line script for league of legends which drew a circle around my character that could be toggled off and on, and a toggle-able option to instantly kill enemies if you had enough damage to execute https://pastebin.com/Djcg5vKd Once I started grasping the concept of programming/coding I started working on various projects learning as I went. I made a script in League of Lends to CC enemies permanently by calculating the projectiles speed, delay, range, width, if it would stop when hitting a minion, and if it was a skill shot or targeted ability. https://github.com/bolsilent/BoLScripts/blob/master/ccChainer.lua My biggest project that got me more interested in coding+automation was making a script to fully play league of legends for you without any human input. https://github.com/bolsilent/BoLScripts/tree/master/SimpleBots In about mid 2015 Riot Started cracking down really seriously on script/cheating and the head Admin at the website went MIA and I started getting back into runescape and made a few simple(and honestly not too pretty), AHK script's to help me "play" runescape, which ill admit most of them were relatively simple being mostly short loops/clicking on user defined positions with a few randomization https://github.com/bolsilent/ahkscripts/blob/master/RandomTimerClicker https://github.com/bolsilent/ahkscripts/blob/master/SilentNMZ https://github.com/bolsilent/ahkscripts/blob/master/OneButtonLogin In late 2017 I wrote my first script for Tribot which was a basic sandcrabs script I used to max a few pures, then as I needed more things on my account i wrote more and more scripts which were mostly for my own personal use, but I did share a few of them on the forums/repo, and now in 2020 I've been around Tribot for a few years and gotten a much better grasp of Java itself and the Tribot api (even though every once in a while I still find something I need to ask for clarity on). Heres some examples of my older scripts when I was more of a noob https://github.com/bolsilent/TRiBot/tree/master/warriorsGuild https://github.com/bolsilent/TRiBot/tree/master/progressiveFletcher2 6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs] It's less of feeling like I deserve scripter, more so that I enjoy botting and enjoy writing scripts and I feel like I'm fairly active on Tribot and bring a lot of people to the platform itself as well as when it comes to scripting I'm always trying to improve and make my scripts better and my Java/Coding in general better. People recognize my name and my scripts get a good amount of use. 7) What you plan to provide the community with: [1-3 short Paragraphs] My aim when making scripts has always been to make scripts that the community doesn't have a good option for, sometimes there's no good/current scripts available, so my goal is always to make things that we are lacking, or to make a version of script that runs more (imo) humanlike. I actively play the game and know a lot about it, so I aim to make the scripts that I make and use, good enough that I would feel comfortable playing on my main account with. Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? [YES/NO] Yes
  6. It absolutely works noob.
  7. click location 1 click location 2 click twice
  8. Thats Tribots default antiban, you can pause it but i really dont recommend it. I went from like a 30% banrate in my combat script to close to 90% by disabling it l0l
  9. adamhackz

    nRogues Den

    Damn i tried this and got the full rogues set in under an hour lol
  10. You shouldnt have any issues
  11. I think nCrafter supports this or atleast i think he was working on adding it
  12. Any chance you could add a toggleable option to stop the script if you get the "This trap is not yours" message when you click on someone elses traps?
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