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  1. Any chance you could add an option for the script to end if it can't walk through the canifis gate underground? Not a huge thing but something thats gotten me banned once or twice because i havn't completed priest in peril yet lol
  2. adamhackz


    All the wildy bosses can be scripted, Venenatis is the most commonly killed boss though, GL using a script there for very long without losing your +1 to a team
  3. when osrs came out, i wanted to gain combat levels, went to the falador farm and got banned in like 5 hours
  4. I know multiple people who've been banned in under 12 hours of killing chickens. Rip my og main
  5. If what Filthyfrank said doesnt fix it Try deleting the temp folder in appdata
  6. This script is actually insane. I tested it for 2-3 days and my god its a literal masterpiece
  7. If you want active scripters that constantly upgrade their scripts there is Naton, FalSkills, Worthy, Encoded, Aroupupu Gods had a rev script netami has a barrows script Theres a lot of good scripts around.
  8. Prime is over. The method people use now is abusing 7 day membership trials from mobile.
  9. Id highly recommend recording more than just 30 minutes lol Maybe like 10-15 minutes per session before you actually start the bot.
  10. Fixed it for me aswell, thanks.
  11. 70+ bone crossbow + bolts rune crossbow + dragon stone bolts (e) blowpipe
  12. I fixed it by deleting jagex cache
  13. Hey any chance you could add, to finish an alch before going afk? I have frequent short custom breaks (every few minutes) and have noticed that while alching it will click on high alch, and get hit with a break, and pull the mouse off the screen for whatever the break time is without finishing the alch first. Not a huge deal but something I thought was rather.. not human-like
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