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  1. adamhackz

    Fight Caves Jad Prayer Indicator Script

    I mean, someone could probably write this pretty easily with the unlimited worlds rn. It's pretty easy with sound tho
  2. adamhackz

    nMercher - Development Thread

    with a 30m stack, not bad.
  3. edit: apparently theres a bug with molten glass rn and ill be fixin it later
  4. It should be fixed now, let me know if you have issues still. What would that entail? Just using string on jewelry ?
  5. adamhackz

    nMercher - Development Thread

  6. adamhackz

    Getting accounts up to a usable combat level

    Depends on how you got there. Sometimes youll get 9/10 banned, othertimes you'll have 0/10 banned. I found something that works in ftp for me to go from 1-60 with extremely low bans.
  7. How dare you support progressive
  8. adamhackz

    Make Money Botting

    you mean the going rates? .75 cents+ per a mill
  9. adamhackz

    Relevant money making scripts

    just copy what all the top tier farmers do /shrug
  10. hey on ur farming guild script can you make it able to pickpocket the master farmers when its idle/waiting on the contract to finish?

    1. adamhackz


      I could always consider that yeah.

  11. adamhackz

    Easy farming xp! need a scripter.

    Doing farming contracts? I'm working on fixing/updating my thieving script a bit tonight and am going to have a farming script out for testing fairly soon that I plan on adding support for contracts to.
  12. adamhackz

    Looking for a scripter to make me a simple script

    If its simple, I could possible do it for free.