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  1. adamhackz

    Scripts I used to own?

    Yeah the premise was people were using and abusing their life time auths but most people who bought them seem to have bought them because it was convenient to just have them around whenever you decide to get into botting every once in a while RIP
  2. adamhackz

    Welcome our new administrator, Fluffee

    This is one of the few things as of lately I can actually agree with. Well fucking deserved.
  3. adamhackz

    Premium scripts gone?

    I dont have to rebuy clothes every month and pay an 8 dollar fee every month I decide I want to wear it.
  4. adamhackz

    Premium scripts gone?

    Then don't.
  5. adamhackz

    Premium scripts gone?

    Its okay dude they went down 25 cents a month and are now a more affordable and better deal! Even though we already paid for them once
  6. adamhackz

    Premium scripts gone?

    Maintenance for updating runescape scripts is extremely easy though. Even I can say that and i'm a pretty nooby script writer. Most maintenance is changing an Id or string or adding a method that gives a different way to do something. It's not like actually updating the client where you have to go through and change everything; most of the time when something goes wrong or Jagex changes something In game it can be fixed in under 20 minutes. Thats like 20 minutes once a week MAYBE(if the skill/method has been changed somehow) What about a script that I had that the scripter hadn't been updating because it didnt need updating other than super small QOL updates every few months? The script was never rendered unusable and never had any problems with it although there would be months at a time without updates lol.
  7. adamhackz

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro [6$ per 3 instances]

    At least now we get better support
  8. adamhackz

    Premium scripts gone?

    Yeah, pretty sure people woulda been less pissed if like a site wide notification was sent to everyone, or an announcement to everyone registered email, but instead there was like one announcement post saying it was a bad system and goldfarmers abused it yadda yada now its just people coming and realizing that their auths are gone and being like wtf. Im with you though, The only money Ive spent since it was announced is strictly for my VIP.
  9. I can vouch that this script is EXTREMELY solid. I ran it for multiple days on end on two of my accounts, never ended up with a ban and make a nice little some of gp, would honestly highly recommend this as probably one of the number one gold farming scripts. Its extremely customization and runs without any issues. Progressive mode is also a killer feature. Highly recommend buying this piece of art.