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  1. adamhackz

    [P] Private progressive agility script with custom anti-ban

    Damn you musta got it figured out. I got 99 on one account and was like damn agility is op! Tried to start a farm with liek 4-5 accounts, did tut island legit, did priest in peril legit, got banned within 2 days l0l
  2. adamhackz

    Progressive Leather/Glass Crafter [Updated 10.8.2018]

    Updated to fix an issue with not banking glass objects
  3. adamhackz

    Won't connect to my proxy

    You need VIP-Extended to use proxies
  4. adamhackz

    Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    I've never used encoded agility script but on my pure ive ran 1-3 hours at a time without getting banned all the way to 200k from 99 cooking. Id recommend more breaks than that, but the script works well.
  5. Do you have clan wars selected? If you are banking with clan wars you need to start the script at clan wars.
  6. adamhackz

    Optimus Pest Control - Need Beta Testers

    Damn this looks really good.
  7. adamhackz

    Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    I recommend it
  8. adamhackz

    Optimus Pest Control - Need Beta Testers

    Hope this works well for you. IVe gotten banned everytime ive botted PC, but ive heard pretty good things about your other scripts.
  9. Yeah this. This is what people do for other areas like this (pest control)
  10. adamhackz

    mouse recorder for TRiBot?

    @Naton told u
  11. adamhackz

    vorkath script

    The thing is.. most of the scripters dont even actually play runescape so they dont have the requirements lul
  12. adamhackz

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    They give 2 day bans with botwatch to really old accounts and call it bot busting
  13. adamhackz

    Any other client of LG?

    Not sure actually I just assumed they were being updates as normal.