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  1. hi, i want to make billions a day botting on runescape but with almost no work and no ban plz tell me ty
  2. Also bring back the feedback bar under the avatar at each post
  3. Same story here, can't see who liked posts, even though the setting is turned on.
  4. Very nice, will give this a shot tomorrow
  5. He wasnt running a script, I wouldn't say he was botting. No clue why he would run TRiBot as client though.
  6. A no for me. Would have no interest at all botting on RS3.
  7. Not exactly, I was banned within 5 hours of usage using the human reaction time sleeps, just wanted to try out the script for a bit so I dont really care, hence why I did not make a post about the ban (also, scripters usually dont like ban reports on their threads as those work out negatively for their sales). The script is very good though, you just have to be a bit lucky if you decide to goldfarm with this script.
  8. Just bought the script, will post proggies once I have a few nice ones Edit: First thing I noticed is that the cluescroll droprate is very low at 20 thieving, with an average of 1.7 clues per hour at 20 thieving. I assume it will get better once you get a higher theving level, but it would be nice to see an option to wield the ham clothes once you obtain them through thieving. "If a player is wearing a full set of H.A.M. robes, (Shirt, Robe, Hood,Cloak, Logo, Boots and Gloves.) in the first floor of the dungeon, the player is less likely to be kicked out when pickpocketing." Source: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/H.A.M._Member Edit 2: Gets stuck clicking the door at Getrudes house during the cluescroll.
  9. At that time that 1M = $2.50, bans were very rare and the guthan's spear was expensive. It is definately still do-able, but you'll need a good method and some knowledge. If bans didnt exist, everybody could pull this off fairly easily. The trick is to find a profitable method where you can make profit before getting banned, not relying on 'luck', and the motivation to start over.
  10. Very impressive. Nice to see someone having the motivation for such a big project
  11. Definately a cool lay-out, however this website is based on 07 botting, so I dont think advertising EoC gambling is the best move.
  12. I legitimately never heard of that, my apologies.
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