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  1. No i turned that off. Like you say that would make it obvious. The first one that was banned i was experimenting with red chins, obviously that's where everyone is trying to lure. I guess they tried to lure me and then reported once they failed. Getting the first account banned, i'm guessing after that jagex look into it and found my second account and i should imagine my third account will be banned shortly if already not. Hopefully my main will be ok. That is my only logically excuse. Unless they all just got reported and the ban hammer was given.
  2. Only one of them got it. The other was a totally different name in a different part of varrock. (different name got banned first) Just took the shit off the other as that will only be a matter of time aha.
  3. Banned after 1 day. Goodfight i guess. Only used this script. EDIT: And there goes the second account. Banhammer. Both only ran this script. Made the accounts yesterday.
  4. Oh fuck.... My bad. As it had -1 i figured that was taking one away from the ID. I guess i was just being an idiot. Thanks man.
  5. 4152 being the noted version of the item, -1 should mean it also accepts 4151 the unoted version? It was in a trade, he put item 4151 up and the bot did nothing. :/ Sorry if i'm just being an idiot.
  6. Buying noted as well really isn't working. I've just watched a trade and the bot did nothing. Had the noted item ID in the id box and the unoted section as -1 ticked. Either this feature is really unclear how to work it or it's not working.
  7. A total profit and profit per hour would be nice to have if this is possible? I should imagine this has already been suggested.
  8. Why doesn't it put the items into the trade first. It waits for them to put cash in when selling. For example, selling dragon boots it would wait for them to put the 300k in before the bot puts the scim in. Sometimes this ends up with the trade being sat empty for a while as usually the item would go in first. Also can't get the noted item to work. Say we have dragon scim at 3243 and noted dragon scim at 3244.... I put 3243 as the item id and then in the +1/-1 noted whatever i'd put +1 yes? If so this doesn't seem to be working. Other then that awesome script.
  9. Been using the free version and it seems a very nice script. I've made money. With the amount of merching bots in world 1 the competition is hard, also it's only a matter of time before they bust them all. For those reasons I wouldn't want to pay $20 for this. If the price was lower i'd definitely reconsider as it's a nice flawless bot so far.
  10. Gonna give this ago. Never trusted these merching bots always thought they would be to buggy.
  11. After using this to get 2 accounts from 50-70 flawlessly. I have decided to use it on my main while i do homework. No XP waste Confident in this bot.
  12. as soon as i start script it just says walking to bank. I haven't touched logic as i don't want one.
  13. Account ended up in lumby. Dead. EDIT: Assume pm'd me. It appears i'm dying due to it not running back from randoms which is tribot related. Although it is effecting this bot nothing can be done.
  14. I was referring to the user above who posted a screenshot. I don't doubt your 150 hour proggy this script worked perfectly in the past but with game updates scripts become buggy. Things change. I would like to see a 150 hour proggy at blue dragons done now as i can't even get a 5 hour at blue dragons. I'm not against you guys. You have a great script here, it's just frustrating when it's not running as good as it should be just like any script. Hopefully it won't be long before your update. EDIT: Ironically as i was writing this post my blue dragon bot messed up and got lost. I will PM you the screenshot now if you could please look.
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