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  1. I've been botting my hcim lately with high ban rate skills. Such as agility and motherload mine. What i try to do is max 30-40 minut sessions with half an hour brake after. And not more then 2 hours on week days. And not more then 2.5 hours in weekends. This has gotten me pretty far atm. I also switch up activities. Ex: 30 mins of agil. Half hour brake. Half hour of wc/fish/Mining and so on. Make of look like a human is playing. Nobody will grind days after days on the same place and not beeing noticed. Oh, and sometimes when it gets too crowded i pause the script and manually world hop. Hope this helps you in anyway
  2. Seems alot like what i am trying to do, thanks for sharing!
  3. Might want to share some of your personal anti ban plan?
  4. I agree with you at some point, the script is deadly accurate with the minimap. But, it does randomize the amount of clicks it does on a specefic object. And beside that, people are playing osbuddy pro and/or konduit. Both show you a box where to click doing agility. So that doesnt really make a diffrence in my opinion.
  5. Considering you know your script best, how would you plan getting the good. In terms of hours/pday, hours/pweek, or even weekends only?
  6. Must been extremely Lucky. Or your doing something very good!
  7. Better be safe than sorry. I'm having long term goals
  8. What methods and scripts die you use? Thanks
  9. Unfortunaly i have to get my agility up atm. Running it 2 sessions for around 30 mins per day. Not every day tho.
  10. Hello everybody, Just a quick question. What scripts/skills have the highest ban rate's and wich script/skills have the lowest ban rate's. This while USING LG and with COMMON SENSE! I'd like to know all of your opinions. Thanks in advance
  11. Well done and mostly thanks alot! Thanks for taking my request into consideration. And even more for fullfilling it!
  12. You sir, you are amazing! Thanks alot!
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