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  1. Seems like everything i owned has been compromised (Skype/Tribot/Runescape account) not my paypal tho or skrill. This will be refunded, the funny thing is that ive scanned my computer for viruses and none came up, if a mod could check what ip my tribot acc has been logged onto that would be great. the fun thing is that i bought gold from leespiker around 2 hour prior to this incident i believe *This will be refunded *I take full responsibility for this happening. *Contact me via pm please,
  2. 99 Herblore

    89-99 fishing

    @iArrow i can do this how much are u thinking to pay?
  3. 99 Herblore

    selling 25m

    im intrested, skrill works for me
  4. Sooo, just a quick introduction. my name is Hampus i'm 18 years old and i'm from sweden. Ive played runescape for bout 10 years or so now i just play when i got time "_" I work as a waiter at a fine dining resturant aswell as a bartender, Well not much more to say Rate me on a 11/10
  5. Price: we can discuss this Skill(s): range and hunter You provide materials for range?: nope Approximate Time Needed: no idea atm.
  6. as my main comp crashed i'm not able to bot, so yh without using em i sold em, i did read the forum rules and ur T.o.s and it does not seem to be against the rules. Niels lol nice‏ atleast you made some cash right ‏ mig ‎12‎:‎45i made a loss on it,‏ ‎12‎:‎46-300k on ea proxy
  7. Also you are sharing the proxy details so if you could remove that, it would be super.
  8. As said, i'm willing to get the pw changed or issue a refund or he can just keep em as it is, Theres nothing wrong with the proxies.
  9. Thought i had read everything on he's dispute but apparently i hadent, i wish the buyer would have contacted me via pm with this problem instead of telling u to make a dispute about it, Refund can be given to the buyer if he wants or an password change on them.
  10. @SupremeLeaderi bought CAN BE CLOSED
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