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  1. on breaks or world hopping will i lose all my traps?,, if so i have a recommendation that should be fairly easy, and hope it could be implimented next time you update this script. Put in a breaking option or tab: Let us select How long to run script, and how long to break..and when bot gets ready to break. Pick up all traps and then log. This could be implimented to world hopping, but seems more difficult. I have not tested this on world hopping, but i figure script just leaves traps in world.. Just a suggestion ^-^
  2. Hey guise! Could someone make a bot that repairs both mlm wheels, and then hops world and repeats. I feel like this would be extremely easy to make, and it gives decent XP per hour..Its a great way to train smithing for Ult Ironman accounts and really any account. Also I feel like ban rates from a bot like this would be extremely low!, i would definatly purchase this bot if it is created. TY!
  3. Here are three I just got done real quick..Ill do more tomarrow hopefully Xmouse_data-134405-1422961341511.dat Xmouse_data-134405-1422962010416.dat Xmouse_data-134405-1422962777019.dat
  4. Yeh botting is pretty safe is you know the correct techniques and do not get greedy.
  5. im having a problem at draynor. i start the script and it doesnt do anything...just says antiban. tried to turn antiban off and reload client and neither worked.
  6. Doooood,, your script is fucking titties
  7. upon completion of varrock agility course, my charactor will get stuck in the wall sumtimes (this is an error in runescape code), but it also messes with your bot. This may just be an attempt by Jagex to catch agility bots...so i'd bot babysit your agility bot. EDIT: Charactor will get stuck in the wall at north range.
  8. Just purchased, a bit disappointed I cant use energy pots. Seems like a great script other than that tho.
  9. I just gave him the best advice he could ever recieve...so i guess im pretty damn helpful. My right is that I have a conscious mind.."I think therefore I am".
  10. Are you stupid?...all three. You will get bored with them all eventually...and then find new ones. 1. Your stupid for asking girl advice on a bot forum 2. Your stupid for want a relationship in the first place..you must be a noob with women. 3. Are you stupid? ...well i guess you live you learn. Do what you want you ra tard.
  11. Ok i figured out what I did wrong. Awesome script..currently making over 500k per hour
  12. Would be nice if it could loot half keys, and dragonstone..other than that good script with teletabs!
  13. It keeps getting stuck walking to start location!
  14. Will not buy one of the items. I have it set up for 3 seperate items, buys two of them but always skips the third. Tried just running it to buy the item that it skips, but just kept clicking the NPC then exitting the shop and hopping...It worked for a little bit, but i can not get it to buy that item. I definatly pressed enter aftering entering both values.
  15. Great script. Ran 20 hours with no ban.