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  1. They could be using your mac address, rip
  2. It's basically a service he's requesting
  3. You could make your own VPN outta a vps
  4. you need proxies
  5. you're supposed to have more than one.. and it prevents chain bans
  6. same location
  7. Check your firewall settings if you don't get a prompt when you first run it
  8. Very generous of you.
  9. will make no difference, the use proxies bs only saves you from chain bans
  10. Started my account yesterday there's your problem. New accounts are watched more than old ones.
  11. If you buy a premium script, you can run one instance of it. But if you buy VIP you can run the free scripts, and how many ever the premium scripts allow.
  12. Yes? Both premium ones.
  13. Proxies will only keep your other accounts safe, but honestly I wouldn't waste my money on them, unless you can pick what it shows up as, and pick an actual ISP
  14. the section he posted in
  15. Mine worked. Just tested it.