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  1. didnt use rs for 3 days, try to log in, perm ban.... only lvl 80 hunter... lol
  2. i was talking to someone before and i still got moved its actually ridiculous, im losing so many traps its also a paid premium script, isnt what im paying for to reduce ban rates?
  3. i tried my bot just before and i got moved 6 times in 5 minutes, is there any way to stop this or to prove to jagex that youre not a bot? please help botting has become impossible.
  4. what was supposedly being fixed? my bots are still fucked... hahahaha
  5. probably more tedious than getting a legit 99...
  6. [21:13:22] Starting client. [21:16:20] Downloading script 'qqqChins'. [21:16:24] Script Started: qqqChins. [21:16:55] Settings loaded [21:22:02] Sent Dynamic Signature Data. [21:22:02] Script Ended: qqqChins. every damn time
  7. so many problems with this script.... please fix soon or i want a refund of the full 2$ haha. script is randomly switching worlds without even logging in, it just randomly hops world and keeps hunting but leaves all the traps in the previous world as they are still on the ground. very frustrating as there are no decent chins script that are this cheap.
  8. is this bot worth buying? does it make good cashflow? not much activity on this topic....... not really keen on buying another script that doesnt work.
  9. occasionally it randomly ends scripts, [18:42:38] Starting client.[18:46:56] Downloading script 'qqqChins'.[18:47:01] Script Started: qqqChins.[18:47:05] Settings loaded[18:52:22] We are attempting to solve the Mysterious Old Man random.[18:52:29] We successfully solved the Mysterious Old Man random.[19:07:23] We are attempting to solve the Mysterious Old Man random.[19:07:26] We successfully solved the Mysterious Old Man random.[19:21:48] We are attempting to solve the Pirate random.[19:21:50] We successfully solved the Pirate random.[19:36:10] We are attempting to solve the Strange Box random.[19:36:16] Strange Box: Answer: 4[19:36:17] We successfully solved the Strange Box random.[19:50:15] We are attempting to solve the Genie random.[19:50:18] We successfully solved the Genie random.[19:50:21] We are attempting to solve the Skill XP Item random.[19:50:27] We successfully solved the Skill XP Item random.[20:04:26] Sent Dynamic Signature Data.------ this[20:04:26] Script Ended: qqqChins. ------ this
  10. got it working last night for 8 hours, still misbehaving a little bit but atleast its kind of working
  11. nope.... bot is still randomly switching worlds without logging into them, im constantly losing traps that i have placed onto the ground when it does this...
  12. [01:48:01] Starting client.[01:48:15] Downloading script 'qqqChins'.[01:48:18] Script Started: qqqChins.[01:48:21] Login bot started.[01:48:22] Login Bot: Login...[01:48:33] Login bot succeeded.[01:48:45] Settings loaded[01:49:40] java.lang.NullPointerException[01:49:40] at scripts.OldSchool.Hunter.qqqChins.e(qqqChins.java:433)[01:49:40] at scripts.OldSchool.Hunter.qqqChins.run(qqqChins.java:497)[01:49:40] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[01:49:41] Sent Dynamic Signature Data.[01:49:41] Script Ended: qqqChins. this is my most recent attempt
  13. bot not working for anyone else?? mine randomly just loads a new world, script ends randomly.... not happy that i bought this and it doesnt work properly, lift your game.