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  1. Everyone that plans to buy this script, Please do not let it run overnight only use this bot when you are able to babysit it!! I've had far too many accounts banned this month due to bugs in this script where it just gets stuck and sits there and doesn't log out. Defiently feel ripped off purchasing this script for the month and will be purchasing a different script after this month is up. Pretty unreal the amount of problems I've had with this script and really can't believe it's a premium script. Even some free mining scripts are running better than this one at the moment, In no way am I trying to insult you taco, I know you took over this script recently and it had many problems. I just find it crazy how you are able to leave this script open for sale with the amount of bugs it has.
  2. same issue, I just use script when I'm at home babysitting. Quite unfortunate really, when you are paying monthly for the script you should except glitches like this to be fixed much faster, had this issue for a week or more now.
  3. this script is so broken, third time now i've come back to it just stand there on 2k exp gained per hour over a full 12 hour day. I only have brought this script for a month too so unfair and already has gotten me banned a 4 accounts. It doesn't even log out just stands there stuck
  4. I've noticed this error thats been happening to me a lot, sometimes it doesn't collect the ore and just goes up to mine again then after you mine 4 pay dirts it just says as status walking to ore hopper, then just sits there next to ore vein.
  5. Hi tau, just stopping in to say thanks for all the work you've put into this script it's flawless now. Even though I'm most probably going to be banned soon due to the bugs in the script before you took over. although i'm not like the new pricing update.
  6. script crashes tribot since update.. edit: froze and not responded for a total for 3 minutes then script went to work.
  7. bit overpriced there mate, you can buy bonds for cheaper
  8. I know exactly what you mean, but I'm not going to bother. I'm not going to use this bot again without baby sitting it. I don't understand how you are allowed to sell a bot with serious problems like this, I've used many premium bots on this site for a long time and never had issue this bad. Seriously sitting there stuck for 9+ hours until I got home. Terrible terrible terrible... take the script down till you resolve it dude before you get more people banned. My issue was the one noted above, gets stuck east behind bank. Also you need to add a option to drop hammer after you fix so you're not going back to collect one ore and for all ores except coal it deposits 5 of them even if you have more in your inventory.
  9. heres a great proggy can't believe I paid for this shit. gf account. http://i.imgur.com/GQ1DNVK.png)
  10. Such a shame. Thought it was fixed and I leave for work and leave it on. Gain 30k exp and it's been left logged in standing there for the entire time. Saying climbing down stairs. I'm expecting a ban now quite like the account I'm botting on too.
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