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  1. The method I have in mind is personal and will be used personally. I will not share it. And this made no sense what so ever...
  2. Hi there, I was wondering what the current ban rates are and if it is worth investing time into making new bots, I can script and have done in the past, I just dont want to put time into something which would be banned instantly... Thanks
  3. I just afk stake. Dont need to bot but don't need to be looknig at the screen all the time. Id suggest a few stakers
  4. I reminise the good old days where you could load up bots and leave them for hours and you'd be unlucky to get a ban. Now you're lucky if you can survive more than one day. The advantage is that gold prices have gone up So people like me who stake for money have it all fine and its all good. The best way at the moment is to use proxies, private scripts help. Using methods which are commonly used by gold farmers is a bad idea.
  5. I got cleaned staking yesterday so be careful As for stats, I think that range boxing is only popular at low leve, i might be wrong. But one prayer and high ranged/hp. If high HP people usually make you x, so be careful, and goodluck
  6. Is there a place to bank lobs in f2p?