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  1. Botting From Amazon AWS - Public DNS

    When you are launching an EC2 Instance in the Amazon AWS you select from a bunch of different server OSs (linux, microsoft etc) Pretty sure this makes each instance a VPS?
  2. Botting From Amazon AWS - Public DNS

    I'm not gonna pretend I know a lot about VPSs and VPNs and even VMs, but... AFAIK you get a new IP per VM instance. depending on whether or not Jagex track your public DNS, this could be a cheap and reliable place to run your bots
  3. Botting From Amazon AWS - Public DNS

    Hello, I'm just considering botting and am playing around with some ideas. I was considering using Amazon's AWS to run TriBot on their VM instances. One thing I noticed is that their Public DNS ends in " amazonaws.com " Which is a bit of a give away. Anyone have experience botting from the Amazon AWS? Can it be a viable option? Thanks!