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  1. it's not a scan off of my own computer, it's from a member with vip, he just didn't want to post to risk a ban, i haven't used tribot in a couple weeks due to the memory leak, it may not be malicious code, but perhaps some is similar to an identifiable part of the trojan, i'll let you know of which virus scanner reported that when he gets online.
  2. latest update appears as malware by virus scanners, personal information digging response. UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic Detected edit: also ^ this trojan issues reason for why there's a memory leak, as part of what it does is creates a high thread count for your cpu.
  3. What version of TRiBot are you running? 1.58 Is it the RuneScape client that is freezing or is it the TRiBot window? runescape Do you get anything in the debug boxes or in the TRiBot Loader console (if you chose to run console mode)? only "Script Ended", i'm able to close applet tab and start again, but scripts don't work unless i restart tribot What operating system are you using? win7 What Java version is TRiBot using? java 7 update 25 64bit How much memory are you allowing TRiBot to use? 512mb Do you get any java error logs? - Does the error occur at specific times? (e.g: when randoms occur?, specific time?, specific tasks? etc.) out of random, sometimes bot will run 200hrs without error, sometimes 20mins
  4. it's working wicked man, i think you should add the higher lvl agility shortcut so i can use that i would love you forever, maybe some sexual favors involved lol all seriousness though, love the script
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