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  1. @Netami hey mate thank you for such a nice script used on and off this script has basically made my tent staker ..... the latest jagex update has broken the script [20:33:48] Starting client. [20:34:23] Downloading script 'Netami's Pest Control'. [20:34:38] Script Started: Netami's Pest Control. [20:34:44] All ABC2 sleeps will be multiplied by 0.05 [20:34:44] Found spec weapon: Dragon dagger(p++) [20:34:49] Failed to find the right plank - ending script. [20:34:49] Script Ended: Netami's Pest Control. guessing they changed the planks
  2. hey @Assume the start up time is taking alot longer than usual ... just waited 40 mins for it to start before i stopped the script .... worked fine for me many times ... first time its not started or taken this long usually around 5 minss to start
  3. jakcorb

    Skilling after a while

    listen to him. unless you can run a f2p farm safely 3 - 5 hrs a day slowly working them up to p2p
  4. This thread is funny now XD bud im telling you 12 hr runs no breaks are fine
  5. IMO ban this user from using your script all together simples. kid is a fucking retard would hate to be a private scripter with people like this around the community.
  6. LOL someones but hurtttTTTTTT ??? cause he loses 13 dollars in credits. believe as you wish sir enjoy losing your money
  7. Honestly lads take this from an experienced botter / staker i have ran 10 - 20 account gold farms not automated its hard work and not much fun sometimes not much profit, if you know what you're doing with stats and abit of luck when working correctly this script can earn you 100m + mill in 1 night and can run for 24+ hours straight without bans i do not use breaks with this script cause it fucks it up sometimes... from 10 - 20 accounts to 1 staker and making more profit
  8. jakcorb


    Fuck me DEAD bro you must be trolling ???? i can make more f2p in one day stop buying mems and getting them banned lol
  9. jakcorb


    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ whats a large farm in your world fam?
  10. sometimes the start up can take 3 - 5 mins just give it time fool, mines losing me money fine so yours should be to.
  11. thanks @Assume @imnowdowny if you go to bot debug tab next to client debug ull see the duels