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  1. no good
  2. bump any way yet
  3. just dont get your accounts banned fuck sakes
  4. is there any way to see all the accounts you have deleted from acc manager
  5. does anyone have trouble when the bot dismisses a random the script pauses it self??
  6. you just gotta find free proxys get a proxy switcher every time you make a new account switch proxy keep track of which account is linked to which proxy so if any of them get insta ban ull know which proxy is flagged... hay presto
  7. fuck tah geee dawgsse
  8. surely its made more than 450m . . . . ive made 250m from it ....
  9. anyone selling for 07 gp
  10. Not many people buy these . . . watch out not really worth bothering about unless getting for another method or plain old pking
  11. i used to run 15 - 20 bots f2p and mule them 1 hr 30 mins before they got banned every day . . . you will figure it out for your self trial and error i told verin to add me on skype so he would stop asking gay questions but he has not done so