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  1. elaatl

    What Free Scripts Would You Like to See?

    And how is that not a goldfarming script? A gold farmers dream is to do less and make more, 1-63 hunter lvler is to op to be public there is already to many people at red chins.
  2. Why care about leechers? More people in youre private world less attention to youre bot farm, only youre workers get attention
  3. Ive been using looking glass for a while and it have been working great with osbuddy but when i tried with firefox or any other web browers it does not work, I tried both 32 and 64 bit of java still does not work. This is what it looks like: It does not load just keep this same screen forever
  4. elaatl

    How to use the bot monitor?

    Well you can allways use tribots bot panel, Just go on tribot on youre phone and go on tribot bot panel, you can stop bot(s) and see a image ( to see if the bot is working) You can not start, or do anything in game tho if that was what you was looking for
  5. elaatl

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Sorr but you sound like a retard dont even try to use this script if you dont have no clue what it is about, Go read the front page for information or even trial the script.
  6. elaatl

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @erickho123 Can you please fix the ingame hopper, It just spams the same world when it tries to hopworld :/
  7. elaatl

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    No clue if this problem is causing my bot to spam worldhop to the world iam alreayd in but this should be an option for sure
  8. Not worth it, You just have to start the quest to be able to get in to experiments:p Well wonder what you are gona use that quest for haaha, no but for real go and look around and there is already one out there that supports lvl 3 acc to 29 smith with no stops
  9. @Worthy Man I love you, This script fking rules makes me 100% zulrah kill rate play legit with a tool making bank
  10. elaatl

    [BUYING] easy basic script

    Well is 1-30 crafting fastest to do a method in varrock? I did flax spining for an 50min to 60 min and got 30 crafting back in the days when i made blasters with crafting @piratehon
  11. @NewBotterFTW A question what is this type of script used for? I cant find any good use for it really?