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  1. bellic

    Purchased VIP Credits doesnt show (Bitcoin payed)

    Skype="bellic.pb" i'll help ya
  2. bellic

    New VIP Handler

  3. bellic

    3vcard / visa help

    I sell credits skype me
  4. bellic

    Master Fighter AIO by Druid [ABCL 10]

    Do you plan on making it premium once extra features
  5. bellic

    need a rs3 script!(fighter,alch and bank)paying good!

    We are like 99.99% 07. So i'm not sure right place for rs3.
  6. bellic

    fix up your systems.

    Skype me for bitcoins
  7. bellic

    New account creation

    Good game
  8. bellic

    Does website crashes have an impact on bots?

    Yesterday caused :Your instance is no longer valid
  9. bellic

    Bank tab's wiped

    why can't trilez stawp stealing dem munkfishies
  10. bellic

    Coal ore miner

    He probably wants to cycle farm.
  11. bellic

    Simple question

    You'll prob get support , doing well imo.
  12. bellic

    What type scripts have the highest ban rate ?

    You are aware of the fact botting is against the rules? How you expect a zero ban?
  13. bellic

    Banned for two days

    If you continue botting ofcourse.
  14. bellic

    Diamond Bolt Enchanter [ABCL][First Script]

    What cash stack to achieve 0.5m/h with tau ge