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  1. Hello, i have been using this again and its great One small thing, could you add support for Extented Antifire? https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Extended_antifire Thank
  2. Been a while now, dosent really feel fair to not get the product i paid for.
  3. It didnt work for me (The world hop bug)
  4. Nothing yet? Only good thing is with the downtime i just made another green dragon bot
  5. Yes i would like a refund, a good response from a scripter that can take criticism. Will go far!
  6. World hopper still not working on USA gdk
  7. There are tons of bugs including not focusing the right dragon and in that way not safespotting, in that instance there was 2 dragons closer and in perfect places. Im feeling a rewrite is in work for this one. No flame.
  8. It runs out of the safe spot and just stands there, then slowly getting killed by a blue drag. My settings seem to be correct from everything ive read.
  9. The script goes and suicides after food is out, if it aint fixed im expecting a refund.
  10. A new bug that is out is that the script thinks the player is skulled. It tries to reset skull at castle wars and change world over and over again.
  11. LG is still broken for me, but thank you for the fix!
  12. It cant interact with doors, agility courses. And more, hope it goes well.
  13. Weird that people are having problems, A++ script made back the money in no time without ban
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