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  1. Hey I am trying to rune Nature runes through the Abyss right now my bot keeps clicking my quickpray button and will not move.
  2. sombra ninja

    Switch to Java 8

    My tribot when ever loaded up shoves the log in screen to the side so i can see only half the torch and cant click on the log in. Help
  3. sombra ninja

    How to use the Tribot Proxy Feature

    I bought VIP where will my proxy IP be located?
  4. Has anyone made a good list of all drops that should be picked up that are not labeled as "valuable" by the bot? I would like to start a list of things like clue scrolls but I'm not sure what to put in because i rarely do pvm. Also, why does the bot keep changing my attack style to strength from attack. I would like keep my attack up also with my strength. But Primarly this post is to get a good list of items to be picked up from a task other than the pre set ones with bot?
  5. Can you make the bot so it will detect potions (3) instead of only detecting (4)? im tired of having to combine potions to (4) to please the bot haha.
  6. @Aropupu would it be possible to add a Stop after so many hours option or a take breaks option onto this script. Other than that it works great.
  7. Perfect thank you. ill delete those posts to avoid clutter.
  8. Won't bank at shilo. Retrieves fish. runs to bank then sits and does nothing
  9. sombra ninja

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    One of my bots says $30 per authentication. I didknt know what that meant. Figured you could answer it for me. Thanks for the account manage info.
  10. sombra ninja

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Just bought this script, it works great. Had a few questions though. Could someone explain to me Authentications a little more in depth to me? Also.. It says it can world hop, but I don't know how to use tribot so that it will remember my Email and Password to log back in.
  11. what method do i need to use to get best results to get into the abyss. I know there are wc, agility, mining methods. Which one works best with this bot. And what level do you recommend we have in that stat. Also what combat stats do you suggest for the pouch collector?
  12. I bought the script it works great. At level 44 what is the best way using the bot to get money? like what is the best path etc.? Also im only level 3. I can get my combat up if needed. Is there a way to get pouches at level 3 or do i need to train and use the bot?
  13. it says $30 per auth? what does that mean? does that mean that it can only be used on one runescape account or does that mean one tri bot account. someone help quick:)
  14. Do i need to be a VIP to run this script? or any script to be more specific. It says free? I wanted to try a script on tribot before i became a VIP considering I was a VIP epicbot member and got banned from runescape.