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  1. Does anyone have a script which can fill the cannon with cannonballs and replaces it when it's about the vanish? I've been looking everywhere, but can't find any scripts.
  2. I figured yes. I am not planning on doing any money making though. Just want to train stats.
  3. I was wondering, I got a 2 day ban about a month ago. This was on my account which has pretty good stats and also play legit on it a lot. Ever since I haven't been botting because it seems logic for me to get banned, for the slightest botting. Now if I were to bot again, only a few hours a day. I'm thinking about doing NMZ and PC. Is this a no-go, or does anyone have experience with it?
  4. Quite interesting how you manage to bot more than 2 hours a day without VIP...
  5. I noticed that a minute after the post. Tried editing it, but didn't work. Thanks for the reply, I'm retarded XD
  6. I purchased VIP about a month ago, and shortly after (7 days max) I purchased VIPE. Now a month later, both are gone? It seems quite unfair, since I basically paid for one month VIPE and one month VIP. Now I did use my month VIPE, but is it possible to have a month of VIP credited to my account, since I haven't got to use it?
  7. Add Merlin's Crystal, 6 QP and we're ready for Dragon Slayer
  8. What do you use to train strength?
  9. Which script? How many hours etc.?
  10. Where did you bot to train range?
  11. Added
  12. Someone please make a working Range Guild script. None of the current work, and it shouldn't be too hard to make, would it? Might aswel go Premium, since lots of people would pay for it.
  13. @Tri The script gets stuck very often nowadays. Any chance you could update the script so it can run 3+ hours straight? Possibly make it Premium, it's the only Range Guild script out there with potential atm.
  14. You need 100 posts in order to send Tribot credits.